Tips for a Successful Company Instagram Account

Instagram has quickly become a social media giant. With over 600 million users, and over 95 million posts per day, it can be difficult to get your posts noticed. However, a company Instagram account has several opportunities within the platform to grow a follower base, and engage with current customers as well as generate new leads.

Social media marketing allows companies to connect with their customer base on a more personal level as well as build a sense of connection with them. However, generating a strong following and engagement can be difficult. The Fort Lauderdale marketing agency, Tandem Interactive breaks down the top 3 actions a company Instagram account can take to become successful in Instagram marketing.

  1. Be relevant, engaging, consistent.


To grow your followers, it is important to provide them with interesting content that will peak their interest and urge them to either engage with the content, or share it with their friends. As more Instagramers interact with your account, the more likely you are to be found by other Instagramers. Posting regularly is also a major key to not only gain new followers but also to keep your current followers. Catching your followers’ attention on a consistent basis will lead them to expect your content and in fact look forward to it.

  1. Use relevant hashtags.


Hashtags are very important in Instagram marketing. Think of hashtags as a visible version of alt tags. These hashtags are what make your content discoverable among millions of other posts. The best hashtag descriptions are specific and clearly outline what a user can expect when viewing your image. Research trending hashtags that fit your brand and image.

  1. A company Instagram account should be relatable.


Of course, social media is a great platform to showcase products and new updates however, your entire account should not focus strictly on selling your product. Make a case for the company, and why your customers should like it. Remember: this is an informal space that allows companies to post images of networking events, fun company activities and just overall allow customers to see behind the scenes of their favorite products.


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