New Features on Instagram Profile pages and Businesses

Optimize your Insta!

Instagram has launched some new features on their platform to make the user experience better and make it easier for business accounts. The site has announced that they will be testing features like a “New Posts” button to give their users more control over their timelines. Users hope this leads to the much-preferred chronological timeline setting. Our team can help you make the most of Instagram online marketing in Fort Lauderdale.

The site has been capitalizing on the slow demise of rival social platform, Snapchat, which has experienced a lot of negative feedback surrounding their new update roll out and an ad done in poor taste surrounding Rihanna and Chris Brown’s past relationship.

New Instagram Features for Individuals

Instagram has started listening to users by incorporating even more ways to follow what you love. You can now add hashtags and profile links in your Instagram bios, so your followers can easily find the pages you love. If you are tagged in someone’s profile and want to be removed, you can do so- the profile will remain, but the link will be gone. The site now allows users to follow hashtags, meaning that when you see a topic or hashtag you are interested in, you can follow it to have more posts show up in your newsfeed.

New Instagram Features for Businesses

It’s not just personal accounts that Instagram is revamping- business profiles have also gotten a boost. In addition to the benefit of being able to link to profiles in their bios, businesses can now use Instagram shopping to sell their products straight from the social site. The social networking site has launched Instagram shopping in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. This makes Instagram an ideal tool for online marketing in Fort Lauderdale and around the world.

To use the Instagram shopping feature for your business, you will need have a shop on Facebook or a product catalog within Business Manager. You have to be an admin on a business Page of Business Manager account. Your Instagram account must be a business profile. Then you can go into your Instagram settings, select “Products” and select a product catalog to connect to your profile. Voila! You are ready to share your products with the insta world.

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