Why Aren’t Your Social Media Efforts Working?

What To Do When Your Social isn't Social

Your business has tried a social media plan before and failed. Learn how these social media efforts can help your business' social media plan effectively reach users and grow ROI.

You spend all this time learning about digital marketing and applying those tactics, and you’ve gone through all the social media checklists, downloaded the templates and reached out to social media experts in online forums. So why aren’t any of these social media efforts working, and do you really need another social media strategy to get results?

Here’s the thing, your social media strategy isn’t working because it’s missing two key elements. Just two. The problem is, these are not easy changes to make and there are no short cuts. It’s going to take time and effort to implements these two changes and you’re going to have to work at it. Short of hiring a social media company to do the digital marketing for you, you’re going to have to put in the hours yourself.


1. How Are You Reaching Out?

It’s just too easy for companies to think about setting up a social profile on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Those sites are the holy trinity of social media strategy because they are so widely used, and that’s the best way to get your message across to lots of people.

Wrong. You should be looking for quality not quantity.

There are too many businesses that simply set up a social profile on one of these sites without thinking about their audience, or what value they can provide potential customers on each platform. Digital marketing is not just a shotgun approach whereby you send out the message in a million directions and hope something sticks. No. Your social media strategy should have accuracy and aim.

Determine which social media platform is best for your industry by looking at competitors and being honest with yourself.


  • Are competitors doing well on said platform?
  • Would you follow an industry on this platform?
  • Is your industry visually appealing? Will it stand out on Instagram and Pinterest?
  • Can you create video content and are people looking for it?
  • Do you need to reach out to company decision makers on LinkedIn?
  • Is there a lot of industry news to share day by day that would do well on Twitter?

If you don’t have the time to reach out to target audiences in the ways in which they consume their social media, then there’s no point in having a social media strategy at all. If it makes sense to work with a social media company, then go that route rather than creating subpar content that your audience won’t see anyway.


2. Join the Conversation

What’s so great about social media and search engine optimization is that, for the most part, the best sites and best content will win.

Original content is and compelling and engaging, and new content is king of it all. You know your industry already, and even if you’ve only been in the business for a short period of time, you know what kind of questions and concerns your target audience has. Create content around answering these questions, provide insight, and remain consistent.

You should have something to say and if you do, it will feel less like a social media strategy and more like a fun way to stay connected with your community.

You’re coming to an SEO company’s website to get tips for social media success, now think, what are your audience looking for when they search in your industry. Make the content that they would want to share.