Black Friday Social Media Campaigns to Blow the Competition Away

Black Friday is around the corner and the sales are popping up all over. Especially if you are an ecommerce site, the time is now to pounce on this opportunity. Black Friday is just the beginning of the busy end of the year season, so you want to make sure it takes off and your business enters the new year on a high note.


Creating Social Media Campaigns for Black Friday

If Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or just technology in general isn’t really your thing, it is okay. As a South Florida digital marketing agency, we are sharing a few secrets to help you create some successful Black Friday socials media campaigns for your business.


Start Black Friday Social Media Campaigns Early

Good Black Friday social media campaigns need to be thought out in full detail. The best way to build some buzz surrounding your business’s Black Friday sale is to start the process early. Those crazy Black Friday shoppers are looking for the best deals, so you want to make sure there is enough time for word to get out about yours. Try posting a few weeks in advance about your sale.


Think About Post Frequency

Along with posting ahead of time, you will want to post more frequently about your sale as time gets closer. This will catch people when Black Friday starts to move to top of mind. You could even try some countdown posts to create a sense of urgency.


Change Your Target Audience

During the end of the year, your target audience may step outside of their usual buying habits or you may find yourself with a new customer group altogether. This is because people are looking for gifts for their loved ones this time of year. Change your social media posts to welcome this new audience or to target those who are buying for others. For example, if your main product is men’s fishing attire, try creating some social media posts that are tailored to the wives of your ideal customer and change any paid social media campaigns to match this new audience. After all, they’re the ones who will be buying these types of gifts on Black Friday.


Promote a Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is all about getting good deals and big sales that are only around for a bit. Make sure your sale is actually worth the hype. Give your followers a special deal by adding a coupon code to your social media posts.


Get a Professional

The internet can be a confusing place and trying to promote Black Friday on social media when you do not know the difference between a tweet and a post can be challenging. If you are struggling with where to begin or want to take your Black Friday social media campaigns to the next level, get professional help. Agencies that provide social media marketing like us can give you surprising and welcomed results.


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