The Secret Behind Link Building to Publishers

Having trouble with your link building strategy?

Here is how our marketing specialists create SEO strategies based on link building to publishers and pitching great content to valuable newsrooms.

If you want your website to build domain authority through credible links and good publicity, then let our online marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale let you in on a little secret. To have a good link-building strategy that will raise your website’s domain authority through syndication is by link building to publishers with high quality, data-driven content that explores queries that people have. Here is a step-by-step guide to how our SEO management team strategizes around link building to publishers. 

How to Do Link Building for a Website the Right Way 

The greatest benefit of link building to publishers is that there are other smaller news outlets that follow big brand newsrooms in search of syndication pieces. Having your article published by a high-quality newsroom gives your content the chance to be syndicated on multiple different platforms with link backs to your website. 

So, in turn, by sharing one really good piece of content through link building, you are able to get your content posted on multiple different news outlets while only having to send one email. This sounds like a dream come true, but it comes with hard work and great content. Here is our guide on how to link build to publishers through data-driven well-represented content. 

  1. Define your objective. 
  2. List your topics of interest and internal data sources by finding your primary topic areas and how your business should be branded. 
  3. Consider the different tangible subtopics within your content. 
  4. Define what people would care about this topic.
  5. Tap into the emotional components of your content to understand how your customers feel. 
  6. Identify data sources through surveys, social media, APIs, lab testing, and Google trends. 
  7. Write high-quality content based on your findings.
  8. Pitch your findings to a publisher.

Pitching Content That Is Data-Driven 

When it comes to digital marketing and public relations, there is plenty of competition. It is essential when link-building to publishers that you are providing them with high-quality content. Publishers’ email inboxes are consistently flooded with pitches, and you need to make yours stand out from the crowd. 

First, be sure to use a great headline and ensure that your message is personalized. Consider a thoughtful connection to something in the publisher’s biography or previous article they wrote. But make sure you are actually reading the article and give an honest, kind response. 

With plenty of research on the type of publisher you wish to pitch for and an understanding of the art of following up, you can be well on your way to building domain authority through link building to publishers. Link building to publishers is typically a long-term SEO strategy that takes patience and determination. The benefits of data-driven content offer incredible opportunities of being syndicated onto multiple different news outlets. 

Link Building Digital Marketing Agency 

At Tandem.Buzz, our SEO specialists can help optimize your website for Google search engines and more! Link building is a part of our digital marketing package when you work with our highly trained SEO team. 

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