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Switching to Gutenbuerg in WordPress

Discover the fresh opportunities with WordPress's Gutenberg.

Shelly Fagin of Highly Searched partnered with Andrew Cafourek of Lat Long at the Pubcon South Florida event in August 2021. Together they presented “WordPress – Gutenberg – Fresh Opportunities” to break down this revolutionary editor. More commonly known as the WordPress Block Editor, Gutenberg allows SEO specialists and copywriters to modify the content without needing a developer’s assistance. This block theme editor within WordPress allows you to modify text blocks without disrupting the website’s design. Disrupting a website may not be a pain point for large agencies and big in-house companies with developers at their disposal. However, for small companies that may need to outsource developers to fix design problems, Gutenberg allows non-developer personnel to fix and change content without worrying that adding words to text blocks will break the design layout. Having Gutenberg is a huge gain for SEO specialists, who can now go into WordPress and make changes to help organic traffic without getting a web developer involved.

Let’s discuss the most exciting reasons you should consider switching to Gutenberg rather than using other block editors that are not as user friendly:

  1. Designed for non-developersIt can’t be stressed enough how important it is to understand how Gutenberg will impact your SEO strategy and team. Certain CMS and block editors in WordPress don’t allow easy manipulation of a page once built. In the past, if you needed to add or refresh content, you needed to get it uploaded by a developer to add it to the CMS. The reason you needed a developer was that it was really easy to break the code. An example is adding a paragraph to a text block. The problem would be that the added text would be larger than the space initially designed at first. This new text could cause a “bleed” into other text blocks, add extra unintentional white space to the page’s design, and shift images in the design layout, all of which required additional site checking after implementation when there was added text. The developer would then be forced to fix whatever problems occurred with the text block modification and the other affected elements. Gutenberg allows users to make modifications without worrying about breaking the webpage.
  2. Helps to load CSS and JS quite efficiently – One of the most recent updates that Google has been focused on in the last year, which continues to be a focus today, is Page Experience. One of the elements playing a factor in the results from Page Experience is CSS and Javascript elements that increase the page load times for a website. WordPress Gutenberg 10.1, which was released on March 3rd, 2021, states that this update was mainly built to prevent code bloat and focuses on correctly elements that could increase page speed due to the fact that these file types were bottlenecking user inactivity (FID – one of the elements in Page Experience) and could force the browser to have to reload images and text necessarily (CLS – other design elements in Page Experience). To put it simply, Gutenberg prevents the need for development time to resolve Page Experience problems, putting Gutemberg way ahead of other text block editors. This feature alone lets WordPress consider Google algorithm updates and resolve them without a developer.
  3. Knowing types of block plugins – There are many different types of block plugins to choose from, so researching and finding one that works for your clients is critical. Most can be separated into two types of block plugins: template and custom. Template blocks are those that use the typical elements on a page like H1s, content, and images. Custom blocks are made for more advanced situations, such as when using a GIF or an interactive map. Here are some of the most popular blocks:
    • Stackable Blocks This tool includes 24 types of fully responsive blocks, ranging from simple elements to highly complex features, and is an all-purpose tool.
    • CoBlocks – Offers lightweight blocks that reduce code bloat. These blocks are perfect for restaurants and websites that provide a service because their responsive pricing tables blocks work well for menus and services lists.
    • KadenceWP BlocksThese blocks are used to build dynamic and flexible pages and are highly recommended for all clients. They give better control of columns for multiple screen sizes and device types. With these blocks, you can complete editing for rows using features like padding, overlays, and backgrounds. 
    • Advanced Gutenberg – A tool that improves the way that the block editor functions. It breaks barriers for content design by adding unique configurations and styling and also allows the users to turn off blocks they would rather not use.
    • QubeleyOffers the very best in styling options. As powerful complex custom blocks mainly used for websites that use products, these focus on user conversions.
    • Ultimate Add-on for Gutenberg – Offers the ability to style gravity forms by changing button layouts, styling, and message handling. 
    • Easy BlocksThis tool is perfect for building the best call-to-action elements like buttons, testimonials, and logos. It is also an excellent tool for service-type websites with a feature box and feature table and using a pricing table.
    • Blocks Kit – Made with the mindset of what web development would need to build the page, this tool is even more focused on requiring less from a developer.
    • Custom Block: Block Lab – A custom block that allows multiple fields and a wide range of presets. You only need a basic knowledge of HTML to customize each layout.
    • Custom Block: Advanced Custom FieldsVery popular and creates blocks in minutes instead of hours. Understanding simple PHP & HTML will let this block do most of the hard work.


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