Using Social Proof in Your Social Media Strategy

Social Proofing in Social Media Marketing

Social proof is a word used to describe when people copy the actions of others, especially famous people, to influence their decisions. Learn how this can affect your social media marketing.

One of the primary aspects of social media is displaying a business’s social proof. Social proof is a word used to describe when people copy the actions of others, especially famous people, to influence their decisions. This phenomenon can be observed when people become more attracted to sports teams, celebrities, or rituals that they notice the people close to them have adopted. Social proofing has become an essential part of social media marketing strategies as the digital world has transcended our everyday lives. 

An example of social proof can be seen with the world-famous cosmetic dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman. His practice, headquartered in Los Angeles, regularly performs cosmetic dentistry on Hollywood stars and other A-list celebrities. If someone were to visit his website or social media profile, they would instantly be bombarded with pictures of the rich and famous that he has treated in the past, which is an effective strategy. It shows that the people most admired in society trust him to perform their complicated dental work. After all, if people see that Katy Perry and Usher trusted Dr. Dorfman with their radiant smiles, why shouldn’t they? 

The average business may not have the star-studded clientele that Dr. Dorfman has, but there are other ways that they could showcase their social proof, which will be explained in the Social Audit blog. 

How Can I Use Social Proof in My Social Media Marketing Strategies? 

Businesses need to establish credibility to take advantage of social proof. The first step to establishing credibility is having a social media aesthetic nearly identical to one’s website. For example, the logos, fonts, and colors used on your social media profiles should be the same that are used on your website to show that your business takes itself seriously and pays keen attention to detail. This way, whenever someone shares or reposts your business’s products or services and goes onto your website, they will be sure that they found the exact business they were interested in.

The second part of social proofing is establishing authority. There are many ways that a business could display its credibility through its social media profiles and websites. For one, your business should be keen to display the results that they have provided to clients or promote testimonials from them. When a potential customer sees that people like them are content with your business, they will develop more trust in your business and be more likely to become one of your customers. One of the best ways to share a testimonial is through a video-recorded testimonial from a previous customer. These should be professionally edited and uploaded onto your social pages following your business’s brand guidelines. 

Case studies and press pages are other forms of content that your business should take advantage of. Case studies are the perfect way for your business to provide an academic outlook on your business’s benefits. These analyze popular problems and describe the actions that you took to relieve them. These “problems” should be relatable to your potential customers so that they get the ball rolling for sharing among their following. 

Press pages are pages on your website where you display any mentions that you have gotten from media outlets in the past. These are excellent places to showcase which popular media outlets you have been featured in and which famous people have mentioned your product. When visitors see this, it will appear more attractive in their eyes. 

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