How GMBs Latest Call History Update Should be Used in Digital Marketing Strategies

Google My Business Update

Google My Business’s newest update includes call history, which gives businesses a detailed list of the phone numbers they have received from their GMB listings.

Google’s principal value proposition to customers is to pull the information they want from a convoluted web of information, like the internet, and present it to them in an easily digestible manner. Google rank’s the most relevant information at the top, with the least relevant ranked more towards the bottom. With this process, Google has made looking for businesses like restaurants and retail stores easy, thanks to Google My Business listing marketing. 


What Is Google My Business?

Initially unveiled in 2014, Google My Business listings have made creating a business’s digital presence easier than ever before. Understanding the modern customer’s impatience towards discovering a business’s vital information like its address, phone number, and hours, Google My Business listings make accessing this information more straightforward and more intuitive than ever before. Here, businesses create a business profile that includes the previously mentioned information and a short synopsis of the services they offer, along with a tailored photo gallery. 

Having seen the success of GMB listings, Google continuously provides updates with new features that improve the quality of these listings. The newest feature that Google has introduced is the “call history” feature. With call history, your business will be able to see every phone number that has called into your business from a GMB listing.  Below, our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts will detail how companies can use this new tool to amplify the success seen from your Google My Business listing. 


How Can Call History be Used in Digital Marketing Strategies? 

Call history is a Google My Business update that allows businesses to have a detailed record of the customers that have called. This feature is useful for a business’s overarching Google My Business listing marketing strategy because they could use this as an improvised marketing list. Once they have these phone numbers, companies could see which of their leads have called to make a reservation, inquire, or leave complaints, and divide the rest of their marketing and outreach strategies accordingly. 

This kind of market segmentation is especially valuable for businesses that employ hospitality digital marketing strategies such as hotels and restaurants. For example, let’s suppose that a hotel looks through the detailed list of phone numbers that had called through the GMB listing. They can then divide their remarketing efforts by those who need an update on their reservation and those who need to be called back because no one picked up when they called. 

Further, reconnecting with customers like this is an excellent way to keep them engaged and establish a rapport with them. Engagement and rapport are critical facets in crafting an effective digital marketing strategy. 


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