Google Begins Showing User-Generated Images in Product Reviews

The most popular search engine, Google, has introduced user-generated images in product reviews. You can find this new tool through the Google Shopping feature. Our professional e-commerce marketing team is thrilled about the latest Google feature. Here is everything you need to know about the new Google user-generated images in product reviews.

What Is the Definition of User-Generated Content?

Before we go over the new Google feature that includes user-generated images in product reviews, it’s essential to understand the definition of user-generated content. According to our visual marketing team, user-generated content (UGC) is a term used to describe videos, blogs, discussion forum posts, digital images, audio files and other digital media. UGC is usually created by unpaid contributors that are used to promote the brand as consumers rather than the brand itself. You can find a lot of UGC through social media platforms and other online platforms. Popular companies reach out to consumers to create unique ideas and share them with the world. More companies are testing out this marketing approach to build engagement and create a more authentic product or service. Not to mention the fact that UGC is incredibly cost-effective while expanding brand awareness.

What Does This Google Update Mean?

Now that we are on the same page with user-generated content, let’s go through the latest Google update. Google has decided to implement user-generated images in product reviews to help shoppers feel more confident when shopping online. According to Google, “you can now include review images in your product review feeds, allowing customers to visually connect with what you sell through pictures of previous customers wearing or using your products.” Google has chosen to include this updated feature after discovering that shoppers are becoming more inspired by images. Images are actually proven to help consumers decide which items to purchase. In fact, according to a recent Google study, 50% of online consumers said images helped them determine which items to buy.

Are you ready to add the latest Google tool for user-generated images in product reviews for your company? Great! Including this new feature is very simple. Retailers can get started displaying user-generated images in product reviews by adding the updated schema and signing up for Google’s product rating program. This new feature is now available on mobile in the United States, however, Google plans to expand this feature across more Google properties and countries over the upcoming months.

If you are curious about more marketing tools like email marketing or social media, contact our digital marketing team of experienced professionals who will gladly answer any questions or concerns. Retailers are now on their way to adding user-generated images in product reviews and increasing user engagement. Enjoy your shopping experience and good luck with your product reviews.



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