The Impact of Positive and Negative Reviews on a Business

South Florida businesses rely heavily on word of mouth advertising amongst their customer base to leverage their position with competitors. Historically speaking, word of mouth has always been the strongest form of brand reputation establishment, and with so many technological innovations made in mobile application development, it’s become easier for customers to share their thoughts on a company’s products and services. Fort Lauderdale SEO companies – such as Tandem Interactive—are contracted to manage the flow of positive and negative reviews from customers that are posted on social networks. It’s integral to a business’s digital marketing strategy to maintain a positive presence in the eyes of consumers within the social arena.

Did you know that 68% of consumers trust online reviews?

Although difficult to believe, the majority of individuals believe what they read online. This is the trouble with online business reviews, especially for South Florida businesses. The internet is a landscape with millions of travelers, each equipped with their own opinions. One of the most popular review websites, Yelp, has 207 million visits each month. Yelp reviewers wield the power to take down a business as well as uplift them, and they are fully aware of this power. Unfortunately, negative reviews tend to remain in the minds of people a lot longer than the positive reviews.

For example, if an online reviewer chooses to dine for lunch at a busy Fort Lauderdale restaurant and feels that the service is too slow, they may harshly critique them later on. South Florida tourists searching for a good place to eat will assume that the restaurant isn’t a good option, thus opting for another establishment. These are common situations that can cause a company to lose business, which is why digital marketing agencies in Fort Lauderdale work to highlight your company’s successes and boost positive brand awareness. Additionally, because 72% of consumers say positive reviews make them trust businesses more, marketing specialists from SEO companies seek to increase their visibility.