How to Respond to Negative Reviews

Negative reviews happen, but you can respond properly and improve your overall star rating on important review platforms. Our professionals at Tandem Interactive offer marketing services, including reputation management in South Florida. While you may become upset when you see negative reviews, following our negative review response guidelines can help ensure that you properly respond to those 1, 2, and 3-star reviews.


How to Respond to Bad Reviews

Wondering how to respond to that bad review or upset comment? Before you even log on, make sure you’re not angry when you’re typing your review response. This is one of the most important points from our online review response guidelines! Writing your response when you’re upset will result in an argumentative review response, and this won’t make your business look its best online. So, before posting a negative review response, make sure you’re not upset at the review.

Once you’re level-headed, you’re ready to respond to the bad review. Here are some online review response guidelines:

  • Be sympathetic. Telling the reviewer that you’re sorry they’re upset (even if you’re not) shows that you care about your customers and/or clients.
  • Take it off a public space. Offer to speak with the reviewer off the public platform of their review. Encourage them to call you to discuss their issues.
  • Fix the problem. No, this doesn’t mean pandering to a rabid Yelper who only wants free food in exchange for the removal of their bad review. It means owning up to what may have caused the problem, and letting the reviewer know that you’ve addressed the problem.


Remember, your review response isn’t exactly for the angry reviewer. It’s for others who are reading the response and considering your services or products. A level-headed, cool, and collected response can work wonders for your reputation management in South Florida.

While you may not be able to have the review taken down, you’ll be able to show that your business is filled with calm, friendly, and professional employees. This helps fight back against negative online reviews by showing how wonderful your business truly is!

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