Google Tell-All: Does Google Make Solicitation Phone Calls?

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Digital marketing agencies in Fort Lauderdale receive numerous client calls about pesky Google solicitation phone calls, but is Google really calling you?

Is Google really calling you?

Earlier this week, Lauren Weinstein, Owner of the Google+ Community: Google Questions & Unofficial Answers, published a blog that “unofficially” answered one of Google’s most common questions, which digital marketing agencies in Fort Lauderdale are all too familiar with: Does Google make solicitation phone calls?

Every marketing agency and business owner that is running paid ads on Google or is listed in Google Maps may have, at one point or another, received a phone call from someone claiming to work for Google or who claims to be “calling about your Google account”. These random callers may say that your business listing is not on page one and that you need to “pay to fix” the issue, or give some other excuse for your agency or business to pay money.

So, the question here is whether or not Google is actually calling you. According to Weinstein, it is NEVER Google calling.

Here at Tandem, we have had numerous clients call our office and report these calls to us, questioning whether or not they should handle it, or if we, as their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) agency should. The most important thing to keep in mind in this case is that these are black-hat, SEO scammers who are trying to obtain all of your information and then charge you for bad SEO services – services that will typically land you a Google penalty or significantly hurt your rankings.

How can businesses and digital marketing agencies in Fort Lauderdale tell if these Google solicitation phone calls are false?

  • Even if the caller ID says “Google”, “Google, Inc.”, or any other variation of the search engine giant’s name – IT IS NEVER GOOGLE!
  • If you are running paid ads in Google through Tandem Interactive or another digital marketing agency in South Florida, you most likely have an assigned Google representative who is the only person that should be calling or emailing you, and you can always give them a call to confirm or question discrepancies in said phone call.
  • Not sure if you have a Google rep? – Ask your SEO agency, if you have one.

Tandem Buzz is a boutique digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the most important thing for clients and businesses to keep in mind is that Caller ID’s can now be, as Weinstein calls it, “spoofed”. SEO scamming agencies can spoof the information that is shown on the Caller ID to reflect a name and phone number that matches one at Google. As an SEO agency that does not advertise, Tandem can tell you that these SEO scammers are the worst to give information to or to contract work with, and you will end up spending more money in the long run when you have to pay a reputable SEO agency to fix the damage done by listening to one of these silly phone calls.

When in doubt, call your SEO agency or research online to dispel the myths surrounding Google solicitation phone calls – Google is just too big to be calling and hassling you.