How to Deal With Burnout at Work

How to Deal With Burnout at Work

Job burnout is an unfortunate reality of creative work. Our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts have made a comprehensive list of effective ways you could deal with burnout in the following blog.

While we enjoy our work at a digital marketing agency, our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts are not immune to the inevitability of burnout and creative fatigue. Job burnout is an unfortunate factor in any creative job. At Tandem, we have gone through the experience of being swept with a wave of burnout. However, we refused to succumb to its pressure. Instead, we came out unscathed with another creative idea for one of our clients. Thankfully for those looking to discover any strategies that can help mitigate the effects of good, old-fashioned burnout, our staff has compiled a list of how to deal with burnout at work. Below, we detail the three most common fixes for the digital marketer who finds themselves staring blankly at a computer screen and waiting for some sort of divine intervention to carry them out of a slump. 

Caffeine – How You Can Deal With Burnout the Fast Way

Caffeine is a popularly used stimulant that can be found in any workplace. It has been used for centuries by Native Americans before being extracted and sold in many beverages like coffee and Red Bull. Caffeine is proven to influence the central nervous system to reduce fatigue while stimulating creativity and energy. The best way to use caffeine to come off burnout is to ingest it moderately to avoid a “caffeine crash.” A caffeine crash is a noted phenomenon where the effects of high caffeine consumption wear off and leave users with even more mental fatigue than they had before they drank caffeine. As effective as caffeine is, it is only a quick fix, and the waves of creativity and energy recede rather quickly. 

Fresh Air – How to Recover From Burnout Naturally

When compared to drinking caffeine, getting some fresh air or going for a walk is a more natural way of dealing with job burnout. Most of the common causes of burnout are related to your brain not getting enough stimulation at your desk or being exhausted from having to come up with new ideas. There is no better way to remove yourself from the stressors of your workplace than by physically removing yourself from the office. Taking a leisurely stroll around your place of work is an excellent way to make your brain hit a metaphorical refresh button. Feeling fresh air and sunshine is also proven to relieve stress and can even improve your performance at work. If you work in a dog-friendly office, be sure to take your companion on a walk, too, so you could kill two birds with one stone. 

Conversations With Coworkers or Family

If you do not work remotely, chances are there are fellow workers that are open to having a friendly conversation. And, much like taking a stroll outside, conversing with your coworkers could provide a momentary escape from your job burnout. Further, talking with coworkers can give you a new perspective on the work that you are stuck on and perhaps provide a creative spark as you start your work again. If you do not work in an office, calling family members or friends that you have not spoken to in a while could provide the same benefits. 

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