Use Your Google My Business Posts to Generate More Customers

Your GMB is more important than you think.

Google My Business (GMB) provides several great ways a company can connect with their customer. Tandem, SEO for small businesses, suggests claiming your GMB listing if you haven’t done so already. This way, you can start reaching people with the new “posts” feature. It’s proven that while a GMB listing doesn’t necessarily act as a catch-all digital marketing tool, it does provide your company with a greater chance of ranking in a search.

After ranking in a search, you may be asking yourself, what next? How will you get potential customers to actually click on your company’s site?

GMB posts can help you with that. A post appears when your company pops up in the Knowledge Panel of Google. Below your company information and details is a little section which you can fill with whatever you want in order to expand your digital marketing platform.

Using these posts wisely will draw even more customers to your site. Just keep in mind some simple SEO concepts when determining what to fill that important little box with.

The content in the box should remain between 80-100 words and be filled using SEO keywords. Remember, don’t stuff the sentence with too many words or other unnecessary items.

Posts are your opportunity to connect one-on-one with your customer, so give them information they want to read. This should be valuable and relevant to the time and to your company specifically. You can advertise special events, summarize your latest blog post, highlight products, and even spotlight special employees. The opportunities for your GMB posts are endless.

Make sure to be conversational, using words that people speak in everyday conversation. You don’t want to put off customers because of a mechanical sounding post.

Most importantly, taking all of these things in mind, be creative with your SEO and digital marketing. Write content in your post that you would want to read as a consumer. Get inside of the heads of your customers to decide what they would click on if they saw a company post. If you wouldn’t click it, ditch it!

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