Podcast Importance and the Best Marketing Podcast of 2016

SEO company copywriter at Tandem Buzz discusses one of the best marketing podcasts of 2016, as well as other important podcast facts.

If you do not know what podcasts are, or have no idea why they are so important, it may be time to take a look at this emerging market. Though the industry itself has been around for the better part of a decade, the current surge is far more recent. Podcasts are not a craze, but a viable replacement for the waning radio industry. As any member of an SEO company will tell you, it pays to be at the forefront of any kind of trend and innovation, such as one like this.

Before delving into my pick for one of this year’s best marketing podcasts, take a look at a few statistics:

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Podcast listening grew 23% from 2015 to 2016.
Roughly 21% of Americans over the age of 12 have listened to a podcast in the past month.
An astounding 64% of podcasts are consumed on a smart phone or tablet.
This year, 79% of marketers report their organizations are shifting towards branded marketing, which includes podcasts.
The New York Times announced the creation of their own podcast team in March 2016, joining the Wall Street Journal and radio giant WNYC, who both entered the industry late last year.


(These statistics come largely from a podcast study conducted by Edison Research and another podcast study conducted by the Pew Research Center).

All marketers, whether working for an SEO company or a traditional marketing firm, should take a look at the best marketing podcasts available in this industry. I have, and I would like to offer my choice for one of the best marketing podcasts of 2016.

The Smart Passive Income Podcast

Of all the best marketing podcasts I have heard this year, The Smart Passive Income podcast is my favorite. What makes The Smart Passive podcast so much better than the rest is that host, Pat Flynn, brings on a niche guest every week. One week you may be listening to the legendary Tim Ferris discuss how to start a podcast, then the next week you are listening to affiliate marketing techniques from the legend Glen Allsop.

The best part: Flynn tests all of these theories himself, and reports on what worked and what did not work. It is as if you have a spy in the business world who is constantly testing theories and sharing the results with you.

The SPI podcast touches on many different niches. For example, in episode 209, Flynn speaks with Noah Bradley about the winning formula in which Bradley developed to create a successful online course in painting. One week the podcast features a CEO of a prominent SEO company, and the next week we learn about an innovative marketer who built the perfect email list for her cake business. The SPI podcast is continually engaging, and always fresh.

If you are still on the fence about podcasts, I encourage you to check out the SPI podcast, specifically the episode 227: “15 Entrepreneurs Answer: “What I Wish I’d Known Before Starting My Own Business”