5 Graphic Design Trends of 2016 to Incorporate into Your Digital Marketing

Top 5 Graphic Design Trends

Discover 5 graphic design trends in which you can incorporate into your digital marketing this year. Digital marketing agency, Tandem.Buzz, can help you freshen up your brand identity.

Trends in any industry are not on a year to year bases; they come and go, fade in and out during different times within different markets. For instance, typically we catch glimpse of the new color palette of a season from the runway. These colors then carry over into home décor, packaging, and of course graphic design. Recently, a lot of popular graphic design trends appearing in the market right now are highly influenced by retro styles. These styles are inspired by the 80s and 90s: embracing the bold colors, pixel art, and even playful geometric patterns. See how you can incorporate any of these five graphic design trends of 2016 into your visual digital marketing.

Flat Design 2.0

This trendy design style consists of an overall clean, colorful look with big typography using white space and subtle gradients. The “flat design” was not initially introduced this year, but rather in 2006 with Microsoft’s Zune mp3 player, which was later was refreshed with Apple’s iOS 7 in 2013. The beauty behind this graphic design trend is how seamlessly it can mix with other trends and styles, such as hand drawn artwork and photography, allowing the flat design to be more flexible and versatile for designers.

Dramatic Typography

The art of typography has been present for some time now, with hand-lettering growing in popularity. There are more tools, like the Glyphs app, that make it easier for anyone to create bold, playful typography. Word on the web is that the Serif will be making a return appearance. Do not be scared to welcome this tiny tool back into your designs!


Adding a simple flicker of movement to a design can be enough to catch attention without taking away from the content itself. Simple 2D animation and cinemographs can resuscitate life into photos and illustrations. For instance, think about how Boomerang changed the way we can look at photos in Instagram.

Minimalist Logotypes

If you or your clients are thinking of rebranding your identity, this graphic design trend could benefit your digital marketing across the board. Minimalist designed logos seem to remain the clean, modern approach of our time. This design plays off the flat design trend, in which we mentioned earlier. Common elements used to accomplish this look are the usage of negative space, crisp mono line styles, and subtle gradients.

Geometric Shapes

The geo trend continues as we take inspiration from the 80s. These angular patterns are showing a strong presence in packaging design. We could be seeing shapes pop up more in web design with the usage of triangular backgrounds and low-poly effects.

These five retro graphic design trends can help breathe new life into your digital marketing elements for your business or for your client’s businesses. Embrace the bold, colorful side of design instead of playing it safe all the time. Have a digital marketing agency like Tandem.Buzz help you implicate some of this year’s trends before it is too late. Contact us today!