SEO Crash Course- Attraction Content

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The greatest challenge to creating content is designing it to captivate readers but also optimize it for the search engine crawlers.

SEO content writers will tell you that there is a sweet spot that all writers want to achieve; it is somewhere between creating interesting, sharable blogs, and still feeding the hungry search engine crawlers with keywords that matter for their client or brand. If an SEO agency in Fort Lauderdale had to put on paper what its mission is for your company, it would be to get customers to your site by serving them all of the answers to any question imaginable pertaining to your brand or products; specifically, to get customers to your site who are ready to buy.

The Panda and Penguin updates taught SEO agencies in South Florida and around the country the importance of not cheating the system and creating content that serves no purpose, but may be optimized for SEO. Now, content has to be the best it has ever been, while still being optimized for search engine spiders – a feat that is no easy task for digital content marketers. Google is constantly refining its algorithms to give users the best experience possible. Your long-term marketing strategy should be to deliver great service along with your product, and create great, SEO optimized content about it. This new wave of content is known as attraction content.

Writing content is about having a message that you are trying to get across, and knowing your audience well enough in order to get that message across efficiently. You should aim for content that attracts consumers and makes them want to buy your product or use your services – aka attraction content.

Attraction content is content that is engaging, interesting, and relevant. After you, or your digital marketing agency, has created the best possible piece of content, your next obstacle is getting it to rank. Focus on how you are presenting and delivering your content. Attraction content cannot receive any attraction if it is not presented in a formal, modern, visually appealing fashion, or shared socially.

List Articles or “Listicles”

People love lists! Lists give a user an idea of how long an article is and makes the key takeaways simple and quick to read. Since scrolling and seeing 1,000 words of text with no images or bullet points is visually tiresome and will only drive traffic away from your content, causing a high bounce rate, today’s consumer is more likely to read your article and deliverables if they see them in short list form that their brains can soak in in less than one minute.

Attraction content also has a lot to do with titles.  How are you going to get people to even open your content? – If it has a number that is small and a title that is attractive. “5 Ways to Improve Your Content” vs. “50 SEO Content Tips” – which would you want to read? Most likely the shorter one since you can read it on the go and hopefully within one minute. According to a study conducted by OKDork, lists are the second most shared content, the first most shared content is…


Yes, this is content. A tip from SEO agencies in Fort Lauderdale: don’t just think of infographics as good graphics, they are primarily about information. In fact, if you ask an expert online marketing agency that does graphics in house – they most likely take some pieces of content and turn them into infographics for clients to share on social media and turn what would otherwise be long, great, yet boring content to readable, easily engaging attraction content for consumers.

Stats and Surveys

Fiction and nonfiction. People love good, solid facts, and they also want to know what everyone else is thinking. Statistics and surveys are a great way to get people to read your content, but it requires more than just the usual content writing, you have to do some good research in order to present the right stats. Your company can also create their own survey to collect data first-hand and then supply the results to their digital marketing agency to then turn into attraction content and an infographic for sharing.

If you are looking for more than just good content, contact Tandem Interactive for more information on attraction content and what our team can do for you.