Our Key Takeaways from PubCon Las Vegas 2017

Earlier this month, our Tandem Interactive team joined hundreds of others in the digital marketing world at PubCon in the great city of Las Vegas. PubCon is a community of marketing and public relations professionals coming together to exchange best practices, network and create new business opportunities. Here were our team’s top takeaways from this year’s conference.

  1. As a marketer you must understand people.

Peter Shankman made it clear at PubCon that if you don’t understand people, all the technology in the world won’t help you. When you build your site and your content for your customers, you will start to see improved results. A recommendation from a trusted source or consumer is much more valuable than you saying you are awesome.

  1. Survey your customers to determine what they are looking for and why they buy.

Using survey data is an important part of understanding your customers. People powered data will tell you the reasons why they buy. Get to the point in your surveys, and focus on open ended data that will help you find true insights. Your surveys should work well with mobile and ask questions in a conversational manner. Make sure you aren’t asking leading questions or questions with jargon that your customers might not know.

  1. There are four rules to attract and maintain customers.

Rule 1: Transparency is the most important part of dealing with customers. Many complaints are from customers who just want to be heard. “Get in front of it, own it and move on,” is the advice that Shankman gives to businesses. “You turn a hater into a lover, and there is no greater lover in the world than a former hater”.

Rule 2: Make sure you are sending your message on relevant channels and in relevant formats. Listening and understanding your customers is the best way to get them to invest in your brand.

Rule 3: Brevity is key. Everyone is always doing at least three things at once. You need to catch their attention in 2.7 seconds, or one sentence. Communicate efficiently- make sure you don’t have mistakes in your online content and aren’t talking about things your customers won’t understand.

Rule 4: Stay at the top of your customers minds. Reach out without selling and ask, “how can I help you?”. Put out 10 things for free for every one time you ask for help. “You get the customer you want by being awesome to the customers you have,” says Shankman.