What You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing for Franchises

How to Get Your Business Growing with Social

Learn how using the right approach on social can help you engage with your customers and grow brand awareness and loyalty.

A well-developed social strategy can do wonders for a franchise’s brand as well as SERP rankings. Social media platforms can also be used as a tool for reputation management.

Tandem is an SEO company in Fort Lauderdale that has plenty of experience navigating the landscape of social media for franchises. It can be frustrating to get it right if you do not have the experience that you need to efficiently use a social platform to your advantage.

Effective social media for franchises is made up of two very important ideas: optimized local experiences and customer interaction. Both require experience and both are time-consuming, which is why major franchises outsource their social media to SEO companies.

Social media for franchisees differ from the overarching campaigns for franchisors. Anyone with business experience can already imagine the daunting task it is to set up social media for franchises, which is why campaigns should be managed by an SEO company in Fort Lauderdale or a highly experienced social media professional.


Social Media for the Franchisee

A franchisee has to know the regulations that rule any and all of the marketing they are allowed to take on individually. When social media is managed by the franchisee, we call it controlled or monitored social media.

The benefit of this system is that the franchisees have the power to truly engage their local community and start conversations. The pitfalls of following this kind of social media for franchises is that it is not consistent throughout all locations. This can make it difficult to develop a national voice, tone, and identity.


Social Media for the Franchisor

A national, centralized social media strategy for all franchisees is the option on the other side of the spectrum. An SEO company for franchises will manage the social media for each individual location simultaneously while working with the main corporate office.

The benefit of this strategy is that the national identity is easily maintained, all branding is consistent, and the messages are clean and clear. The pitfalls inherent in an overarching social media strategy like this are the missed opportunities to develop local conversations and identities. This will often lead to the franchisee’s voice appearing far too safe. Safe is good, but an overly safe conversation online can seem boring and not engageable. However, these pitfalls can be managed by an experienced franchise marketing agency with social media expertise.


Deciding Which is Best

A franchisor and franchisee will almost always have a different preference for their social media campaigns. Perhaps the answer is to blend the aspects of both. Discussing your social media campaign with an experienced PPC company should be the top priority.

The ultimate goal is to establish brand reputation and build a customer base. To achieve that goal requires developing a plan, defining voice, setting up profiles, keeping consistency, and avoiding overexposure, while simultaneously remaining relevant.

Do you have a plan?