Successful Practices Regarding Local Search for Franchises

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Local search is becoming increasingly important in digital marketing efforts. If you own multiple locations, you will notice that Local Search for Franchises is a tricky endeavor.

Here at Tandem, a local search marketing agency in South Florida, we believe it’s important that if you own a business that thrives on doing business locally, you must understand how businesses in local markets are found today.

While a lot of businesses gain traffic to their store through word of mouth, many studies of today show that your company must show up strong when people inevitably turn to a search engine to find local goods and services.

When it comes to franchises, the executives understand that they are missing out on a critical advantage that can help them grow their business; but, they sometimes feel as if the local search for franchises is a daunting undertaking. However, it does not need to be. Increasing your visibility in local search results requires a commitment to the best local search practices and a solid strategy.

Our digital marketing agency located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida specializes in local search for franchises. We find the following strategies to be the most successful local search practices for franchisees to begin building a strong local search presence for your franchise:

Create a Digital Storefront.

Having an e-commerce store is always a great method, but it does not guarantee the consumers will be able to locate you in the SERP when they look for your product or service locally. Every one of the locations in your franchise needs a visible presence in respective local online spaces.

Distributing, optimizing, and verifying franchise local business information is essential to ensuring name, address, and phone numbers (NAP). Additional information is present and accurate across the local search realm.

Perfecting the Mobile & Social Scene.

Making the mobile experience a priority is critical when it comes to local search for franchises. Mobile searchers are often on the go when they are seeking information, possibly in the neighborhood of one of your locations.

Mobile users are also becoming increasingly more present on social media platforms. The average American now spends approximately 40 minutes per day on Facebook, and 49% of Twitter users actively follow brands while 19% expect customer support through the network. Taking the necessary steps to include your franchise on social networks is a great local search practice to drive mobile users to your site.

For success in local search for franchises, it is critical to ensure that each location in your franchise has optimized landing pages for desktop, tablet, and mobile visitors. This brings us to the next strategy for local search for franchises:

Direct and Capture Customers Through Local Landing Pages.

If your search engine results send customers to a generic homepage, it can quickly lead to a poor customer experience. This will result in leaving them to click away to a competitor’s site, searching for the information that they wanted to find on your site. Local landing pages are critical for bringing relevant content to the customer.

In order to build out local landing pages for franchises, you should use localized meta tags, schema markup, optimized SEO elements, and URL structures with keywords and locations. Creating unique content that includes local media such as events, appointments, seminars, or loyalty forms can engage users and lead them to take the next step. Local incentives, like click-to-call and location-specific coupons, will also help ensure conversions.

The Takeaway.

Physical businesses, including franchises, that are not involved in local search marketing are missing out on a great opportunity for incremental traffic and in-store conversions. Our local search agency that specializes in franchises suggests scaling your efforts to increase the local search presence of all of the locations in your franchise, utilizing all of the above practices.

If you are a franchise owner and are interested in receiving expert help with local search for franchises, contact our local SEO team at 954-519-4114 today!