Seven SEO Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Anyone looking to shape up their social presence needs a good SEO strategy. Whether you are new to the game or looking for some new tricks, these seven tips will help you effectively build a strong marketing presence. Starting with the basics, effective keywords are just that – the key to success!


Not just one lonely keyword will do. If you want to receive any return and improve your analytics, long-tail keywords will be become your best friend. Think about it, when you do any Google search, more often than not, you are using more than one word, for example “Media Buys” or “Twitter Reputation Management.” If you were to just search “Twitter” on Google, you would be nowhere close to what you were searching for. In addition to using more than one word, don’t be afraid to target specific locations. After all, most searches use four or more words, so get specific. If you are in Fort Lauderdale, include that in your keywords like, “Digital Marketing Fort Lauderdale”. We call these geo-targeted long-tail keywords.

Quality Content

Content is not enough anymore. You cannot just post to get a post on your site. Good, high-quality content is necessary. Include your keywords and make your content useful. Going back to Google searches, how many results pop-up for any given topic? Who’s at the top of those searches? The websites with the best content.

What does it take to have the best content?

Google loves informational, straight to the point, no fluff content. Those who use search engines are looking for answers now, they don’t want to sort through a bunch of bogus fillers to find what they’re looking for. Just because content is informative does not mean it’s understandable by everyone that reads it. Content may be written at a very high level, but if half of your content doesn’t make sense to the average reader, you’re losing major points and there goes your high rank in searches.

Meta Descriptions & Title Tags

With content comes Meta Descriptions and Title Tags. Your title tag is the first piece of wording users see for each search result, a book title essentially. Keep it under seventy characters and keep it simple. Where you want things to get interesting and informative is the meta description. This is the wording under you Title Tag. Include details, get specific, and make your content attractive. This is your little piece of information that is going to make someone want to click your link.

Add an Image

Imagery is the face of your content, a first impression, a little piece of physical information that can really grab someone’s attention. Although, images within searches have now evolved. Optimized Images are now what matters to assist in high ranking content. To optimize your content’s image, add a description, alt tags, titles, anywhere you can attach information to the image you are using on your site, do it. Your high-ranking content will thank you later.

Building Backlinks to Content

With all our search engine user-related tips out of the way, we head to the backend, more specifically, backlinks. Backlinks are your road to building up your reputation. When other websites link to yours, they are endorsing you. Not to mention, when other sites link to you, maybe in a blog, they are driving traffic directly to your website or linking directly to a piece of content. The more backlinking you have, the better the reputation and the higher the rank for content on your website.

Secure Your Site

The next tip is a must, all other SEO efforts could be wasted if the proper action is not taken. Implementing an SSL Certificate on your website is crucial. You can have an amazing website, the best content on the web, but without an SSL certificate, Google will not trust your site, nor will it be protected. Do yourself a favor, get an SSL certificate and change your http:// to https://. You will need to redirect all http URLs to https to ensure proper implementation.


Now that we have come to our final tip for building an effective SEO strategy, the question is, have you been reading this on a desktop or a mobile device? According to Google, year after year, searches are moving away from desktops and vastly increasing on mobile devices, which brings us to the importance of mobile friendliness. How does your website look on a mobile device? Are your webpages AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) configured? Did you know that if your website takes too long to load on a phone you are potentially at risk of losing a tremendous amount of traffic to your site? Don’t give users a reason to not choose your content – be mobile-friendly!

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