Crush Writer’s Block with These Five Tips

So, you’re probably on your third or fourth SEO writing content for the day, trying to figure out how to flesh out your next blog. As you sit there watching the text cursor blinking on the page, you feel the creative writing juices stop flowing and start to struggle to proceed with your next piece of content. This is writer’s block and we’ve all been there, even our exceptional team of specialists at our Fort Lauderdale SEO company. Writer’s block can be a sticky situation to get out of, however, there’s nothing to be anxious if you follow a few helpful tips on how to overcome writer’s block.

Clear Your Head

When you’re having a difficult time overcoming writer’s block, most likely it’s due to too much stimulation in the brain. Other causes of writer’s block can include burn out or high expectations for yourself. Start clearing your head by taking a break from the writing for a few minutes or even a day. Give yourself a break by leaving your desk for a while and take a walk outside to clear your head. You can also work on another project to help you crush writer’s block by focusing on something else. Believe it or not, creativity happens when you stop pushing yourself so hard.

Free Write

It doesn’t matter what it is, just write. Grab a pen and some paper, then set a timer; just write whatever comes to mind. Set your timer for five minutes and jot down whatever flows through the consciousness. The general idea of this tip is to keep the pen moving, loosen up your mind, stop thinking about organization or structure. Just write. Repeat this writing exercise as much as you need to crush writer’s block.

Start Reading

Overcome writer’s block by taking a break from writing and pick up a book instead. Visit your favorite blog, read a magazine on the latest celebrity gossip (if that’s your thing), or start reading a good book from The New York Times Best Seller list.1 Reading someone else’s writing can help inspire new ideas for your SEO content.

Chat with a Co-Worker Or Friend

Gain even more inspiration and ideas by seeking a different perspective. Asking a co-worker or friend about their take on the topic of your SEO content can provide a fresh, new perspective for your blog post.

Check Out the Competition

If you really want to crush writer’s block, check out what your competition has been blogging about recently. Of course, there’s no problem in borrowing an idea that can help spur inspiration for your own blog topic.

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