How to Leverage YouTube Ads for Wedding Venues

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Is your goal to make more brides aware of your beautiful wedding venue? Showcase your space with YouTube ads! YouTube video ads are easy and affordable!

With technology infiltrating every industry, demand is higher than ever for a consumer’s desire to have information quickly. In a recent study by Google, 47% of the United States population admitted that YouTube is used to help make decisions on purchasing 1+ items per month. Such powerful metrics require a unique strategy that advertisers can integrate into their current campaigns. Learn how YouTube is the perfect opportunity to use for wedding venue marketing.

After the ring, brides are looking to professionals to learn how to choose the perfect wedding venue. With so many choices, choosing the right wedding venue can become overwhelming. This is why using YouTube marketing can be useful in eliminating bridal stress and weeding out brides who are not truly interested in what your unique wedding venue has to offer. Once you have decided that you would like to showcase your wedding venue on YouTube, digital marketing agencies in Fort Lauderdale have some best practices to gain opportunities to connect with the right brides through the power of video:

1. Ready. Set. Action!

After you have developed high-quality footage that will visually explain your wedding venue, create a YouTube campaign within Google AdWords. When using YouTube advertising, you have the ability to customize your videos in different contexts. Your wedding venues’ overall goals will determine your settings, but our digital marketing company recommends enabling the True View in-stream video settings. These settings will allow your videos to move past last-click attribution, so that your venue has a true grasp on what lead to bridal inquiries.

2. Compel and capture.

With the rise of digital video marketing, you must ensure that you capture your audience immediately; our YouTube video marketers recommend that your first 5 seconds showcase the audience’s attention. After 5 seconds, when using True View video ads, the user has the ability to either continue watching or skip the ad. By creating a memorable intro to your video, you are more likely to engage with the user and generate interest to watch the entire video.

3. Calling all brides.

YouTube has such a large following that the distribution of your video on its platform can help create an extensive remarketing list. After you have already captured the bride’s attention through your video, the browser can be cookied to later retarget these brides on other display platforms, wedding forums, and in other wedding related video campaigns. In addition to previous viewers, this remarketing list can be used for Customer Match or In-Market Audiences. Customer Match is a setting where you tell the search engine to target other brides. In-Market audiences can drive additional qualified traffic to your site through targeting brides or anyone who has recently gotten engaged.

4. Track. Optimize. Grow.

Getting your wedding venue in front of brides is the overall goal of using YouTube videos, but how do you measure success? Our digital marketing managers can work with you to design goals and assign values to their completion to further track your return on investment. Maximize your YouTube investment through video analytics, which will allow you to optimize your campaign and audience. Ad rotations is another opportunity that can help keep track of core metrics that show success for your campaign.


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