YouTube Channel Optimization and SEO

YouTube channel optimization should be at the forefront of any video strategy in 2017. As the YouTube community becomes more saturated with videos, basic levels of optimization are needed to succeed on the platform. Fortunately, you can find YouTube optimization strategies directly from SEO firms such as Tandem Interactive, a Fort Lauderdale marketing agency.

Create Playlists

Playlists are a fundamental YouTube channel optimization strategy. It allows users to navigate through your videos and discover more of your content. Plus, playlists allow YouTube to understand which videos are related to each other while giving your videos two ways to rank on the YouTube search results.

Optimize Each Video’s Description

You should be taking advantage of the description section on each of your YouTube videos. The about section should have a very short summary that is no more than 3 – 5 sentences long, and it should contain relevant keywords. The rest of the description should have links to your social media and website. Working with your SEO firm can help you determine which links will benefit from placement on certain videos.

What Part of Your Industry Requires Video

This is not a tip regarding YouTube channel optimization, but a tip to increase your views and ranking from your friendly neighborhood SEO firm, Tandem Interactive!

There are Google search queries that are best answered by a video. For example: how to change a tire or how to solve a Rubik’s cube. These results will rank high on both Google and YouTube searches. The trick is to find out the “how to” video for your industry and create it.

Create a Style Guide

Big corporations use style guides to ensure that a brand image and standard is maintained throughout all creative output. YouTube channel optimization can benefit from this idea as well. Decide on a template for your YouTube channel.

  • Opening Intro’s
  • Music
  • Thumb Nails
  • Channel colors

Though not a direct ranking factor or YouTube SEO, you’ll find that more users will click on a channel that has a well thought out and constituent theme. YouTube channel optimization requires a consistent theme.