What We Know About Google RankBrain So Far

Do You Know About Google RankBrain?

Tandem Buzz, SEO firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, reports on Google RankBrain and it's latest and greatest innovation.

One of the newest updates to the Google algorithm that we have seen in a long time is definitely an important one. Google RankBrain is changing the game, and SEO firms are scurrying to decipher its secrets. So what is Google RankBrain and what do we know about it so far? Tandem Buzz an SEO firm in Fort Lauderdale has this to say:

Educated guesses and tests conducted by major SEO firms has given us some insight.

Google RankBrain uses machine learning to give power to the users. The user’s CTR and bounce rates have a much bigger impact on ranking than ever before! How do we know? Anyone can run this experiment right now and in theory, you will be able to see the results.

RankBrain Experiment:

Choose a product, service, or job that has similar keywords. For our example, we will choose aircraft dispatcher and flight dispatcher for our keywords. Aircraft dispatcher and flight dispatcher are two different keywords which apply to the same job. If you enter these keywords into Google, you will find that the organic results are almost completely identical on the first two pages.

In other words, SEO firms and webmasters had to produce content that was able to rank for both keywords, and the keywords the user entered would match with the corresponding page. Now, Google RankBrain blurs the lines between keywords, and instead gears focus towards what pages and sites that users click on, and where they stay when either keyword is entered.

How to Optimize for Google RankBrain

To optimize for Google RankBrain, focus less on keywords and more on topics. Ensure that your titles and H1 tags are aiding in the optimization, as well. You need to get users to click your content. You can do this through title and H1 tags, and then they have to stay because you will have great content. Focusing excessively and solely on keywords won’t always help; however, creating a positive experience will.