Digital Marketing and Food Trucks – A Match Made in Heaven

Food Truck Social Media

Tandem.Buzz, a digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale, explains how digital marketing and food trucks mesh together.

Tandem. Buzz digital marketer here, and I have a bold statement for you: digital marketing and food trucks go together “like peas and carrots,” as Forrest might say. Food trucks disregard the traditional brick-and-mortar approach, which is a major part of a food truck identity. Integral to its success is the charm and the nature of the mobile restaurant – which is exactly what the internet has done for marketing, and the business landscape in general. Digital marketing and food trucks work on each other’s strengths which are: mobility, flexibility and personality. So how does a digital marketing firm tie this all together?

First, for every apparent weakness, the food truck industry may have in terms of marketing, the digital marketing realm has a fix. Observe:

If Your Customers Can’t Find You – Start a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As Arnold Schwarzenegger said in the 80’s classic Predator:


If you don’t have company pages on these social media platforms, shame on you! Food truck social media is extremely beneficial to your business. You can:

  • Tweet locations, allowing customers to find you
  • Create Facebook events for special occasions
  • Plot a course and stay consistent

– Conquer New Territory – Don’t stay stagnant. Get in touch with a digital marketing firm to strategize for you. Stay mobile, conquer the areas around you, and allow the brainpower of professional marketers to do everything else for you. We’re like a big think tank inside a food truck – a think truck!

– Identity – This is where food trucks have a strength that is only enhanced by digital marketing. Digital marketing and food trucks should be about identity, personality, and everything in between. One of the main reasons some food trucks fail is that they are unsure of how to successfully start a brand. Use your social media to your advantage. Be different, stand out, and if all else fails, hiring a digital marketing firm like Tandem will put you, and keep you, on the right road.

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