Twitter Update Allows Brands to Enhance Social Media Marketing Efforts

Twitters New Update

Online marketing agency, Tandem Buzz, explains how new updates to Twitter will enhance social media marketing efforts for businesses.

It’s without a doubt that social media has changed the way brands interact with their customers. Social media has enabled businesses and brands to have two-way communication that previously did not exist with traditional media. Businesses can now go directly the source for product satisfaction, suggestions, and even gain insight into purchasing decisions with a click of a mouse. For these reasons, social media marketing is great; digital marketing agencies and businesses are able to work together to create brand loyalty and have relationships unlike the seller-buyer relationships of the past.

The evolution of social media marketing has created smarter consumers, who in turn, demand transparency from the brands they interact with and make purchases from. The new updates to Twitter are going to allow for just that.

Businesses that are active on Twitter can now display publicly how they interact with their followers (customers). Response times and hours of availability are now features that brands can display on their pages. A larger ‘direct message’ button will also encourage more interaction between brands and consumers. In addition, companies can opt-in to include a ‘Provides Support’ indicator when people are searching for their brand, which will help people distinguish between brands that promote and those that offer customer support.

Conversocial, a social software reporting service, reported that more than 80 percent of social customer service requests happen on Twitter. Your customers are there, they are interested in your brand, and updates to Twitter will hopefully help you better utilize these tools to connect with them.

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