Free Reputation Management: Optimize Your Twitter

A negative review or article popping up in search results in a nightmare for any business. Not only does it turn away prospective clients, but it brings your whole brand into question – even by those who already use your service. It is well known in today’s modern consumer world that your online reputation can make or break your business, so what can you do in this situation?

Tandem Interactive, a South Florida digital marketing agency has your business reputation solution: Optimize your company’s Twitter account.

The unfortunate truth is this: that embarrassing article will keep its position on the first page if your Twitter isn’t optimized to push it out of the way. If properly optimized, your twitter account will be one of the first results in a search of your brand, eventually taking place of any negative media. Big businesses like Coca Cola and Pepsi have caught on to this idea, with their oh-so-optimized Twitter accounts conveniently appearing right underneath their corporation’s listing for their official website.

For example, a Google search of our South Florida digital marketing agency shows our official website, then just 3 results later you’ll see our Twitter account.

So, how can you optimize your Twitter account to appear in the first few search results of your brand?

  1. Optimize your Handle. Your Twitter Handle (aka your username) is more influential than you might think; it’s incorporated into Twitter by your URL and page titles, and can be listed all over your site and many others as a good link to your company. It should be spelled exactly like your business name, or as close as you can match it. You can avoid things like Inc., Company, and Agency, since people often don’t include those words in their search. Don’t go for funny, or cute names for your account. Use your brand name, which will be recognized and eventually rank.
  2. Optimize Your Bio. The description of your Twitter account is a perfect area for adding keywords that describe your company. Our suggestion is to reiterate the name, followed by your top keywords and services you want to rank for.
  3. Verify your account. Studies show a high correlation between verified Twitter accounts and the indexation of their tweets, meaning Google likes verified accounts, and so do twitter users (aka potential customers).
  4. Include your website link everywhere you can. Twitter accounts allow a link field, which many people fail to make use of. Use this as an opportunity to list your website, which can strengthen the results in a search.
  5. Get active. Simply making a twitter account is not enough to be considered relevant in a Google search. You must use your Twitter – so tweet stuff about your company, including photos, news, and promotions. Engage with others by retweeting and favoriting their content. Reach out to as many people as you can to get your account noticed, and certainly make habit of responding to consumer tweets to your account.

These tactics have proven successful for many major brands. In fact, if your tweets are optimized, shared, and become popular, Google will recognize them by creating a carousel of your most recent tweets within the search results. With expert tips and from Team Tandem and a little bit of time, your business reputation can improve.

Tandem Interactive’s Social Media Team specializes in social media management and reputation management for your business. Let us get the right results on page 1 for you.