Snapchat for Small Businesses Best Practices

Tandems Snapchat Tips

The online marketing professionals at Tandem Buzz share Snapchat for small businesses best practices for those looking grow their brands./i>

That’s right, folks – There is yet another social media platform your small business should be utilizing in its digital marketing strategy. For those who are not familiar, Snapchat is the ever popular mobile app that allows users to send videos and images to their friends. What makes Snapchat unique is that each message has a time limit of 10 seconds until it disappears forever. Snapchat for small businesses is a great opportunity to capture the attention of your target audience (granted that your audience is participating on Snapchat, of course). Reportedly, Snapchat has approximately 100 million daily active users, 76 percent of which are online shoppers. The app’s reach alone makes it a valuable marketing tool for small businesses looking to expand their customer base.

Here are some tips to consider when using Snapchat for small business:


  • Consider your audience. 71 percent of users are under 25 years old.
  • Try to utilize the 10 seconds available per snap. Longer snaps tend to get more engagement
  • Offer coupon codes. Use your other social media platforms to announce this campaign. Offer coupon codes via Snapchat in return for your followers completing a task (i.e. sending you a snap with your product). This creates a “Buy Now” sense of urgency.
  • Connect with influencers. Team up with other companies and social media influencers to increase brand awareness. Try to partner up with other local brands that have a substantial social media following or with your current loyal customers.
  • Create anticipation & suspense. If you have an event or a sale coming up, slowly leak hints about it and keep your customers coming back for more.
  • Tell a story! This will help in building engagement and most importantly, in building interest around your brand.

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