How to Leverage Twitter’s New Character Limit for your Marketing

Twitter announced earlier this month that it would be expanding its character limit to 280 characters, thus changing the brevity for which Twitter has singularly been known. There are many critics of this change, including celebrity author J.K. Rowling, who say the additional characters will eliminate the need for creativity and ingenuity on the site. However, Twitter has stated in a blog that the change will only make it easier for people to tweet and they don’t anticipate people going over the 140 character limit very often. Since the launch, the number of tweets in English that hit the character limit have dropped from 9% to 1%.

Our social team at Tandem Interactive, a south Florida digital marketing agency, is here to help you leverage your additional Twitter characters to grow your brand. It’s important to always think before you tweet, so keep your followers in mind when you get ready to post.

Avoid using too many hashtags when you post on Twitter. Not only does it look visually unappealing, it distracts from your message. One or two hashtags should be your limit to ensure your message gets across and encourage engagement. Make sure you aren’t overloading your tweets with unnecessary characters just because you can. You still want people to click on your website or your blog post, so don’t bury your link in character clutter.

Don’t tweet longer messages just because you can. Brevity is still key on Twitter. Get to the point and get out. You don’t want your consistently lengthy tweets to cause followers and viewers to simply scroll past without reading. Many people are still tweeting within the original 140 character limit, so you don’t want your message to be lost or ignored.

Avoid copy and pasting from Facebook or LinkedIn. You probably already know that a unique message for each social network is important. Don’t let the expanded character limit on Twitter get you excited about pasting your Facebook text there. Stay original and creative to make sure your message gets the maximum engagement on each site.

Ultimately, brevity is still king on Twitter. The expanded character limit will allow you to engage with consumers in a more human way, share more details and spend less time cutting down tweets that are just a couple words too long. But people get on twitter for a quick synopsis of a story, topic or event. Don’t crowd their timelines unnecessarily.