5 Ways to Market Your Business Through Snapchat

Snapchat is a mobile app that companies have been using to engage customers, increase loyalty, and boost brand awareness. Tandem Interactive explains why marketing companies should be using snapchat for brand awareness, but now you can learn how to do it too.

Promotional Offers

Create an incentive for users to promote you on Snapchat. Offer discounts to those who snap photos or videos of themselves using your products.

Host Takeovers

A Snapchat takeover is allowing a celebrity, or anyone with a significant online following, to promote your company on the app. Someone with 1 million followers, or even 300k followers can increase the exposure while they market your business through Snapchat. They have the ability to promote it to people who may not have discovered you on their own.

Post Regularly

Major companies like McDonalds and Chipotle have taken to regularly posting videos every day or every week on the app, which their followers have come to enjoy. If you get into a routine of posting at a consistent time as you market your business through Snapchat, you will eventually create a natural following for your posts. Users will know when to view the things you are sharing and can stay up to date with the latest news regarding your business.

Give Customers a Look Behind the Scenes

Posting videos on this app is the easiest way to give customers a look behind the scenes into your company. All it takes is a video or picture of your employees at work, or a video offering an exclusive preview to Snapchat users which can help boost excitement around your company.

Use Geo-Filters

Geo-filters are overlays used on Snapchat that are unique to a specific area. You can market your business through Snapchat by creating geo-filters for your company that users can add to their photos for very inexpensive promotional strategy.