4 Reasons Millennials “Can’t Even”

Why Face to Face is "Cool!"

Team Tandem details some of the benefits of digital marketing events like SFIMA and Pubcon. Millennials can benefit from networking and industry insight

Today’s millennials “can’t even” anymore. They can’t deal with minor day-to-day struggles that older generations would have given an arm or leg for. Millennials are lucky to have any piece of information or answer to their every “oh so important” question; “Is there really a bacon shortage predicted for 2017?” With Google, Wiki, WebMD, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter there really isn’t ANYTHING you can’t find out today. Let’s face it, the children of today’s millennials will have a very difficult time getting away with anything.


Unfortunately, with access to the all-knowing Google at our fingertips, Millennials can’t even face-to-face anymore. The need to do business face-to-face, look for answers from peers, or seek additional information from others has more or less died. But I am going to tell you, yes you the Millennial reading this on their new super-sized mobile device, why you can even attend PUBCON SFIMA Summit 2016 here in sunny South Florida.


Millennials seek out things that are useful and can enhance their lives. Although a conference is useful, it is also time-consuming and out of the way. Why attend a conference that you will eventually be able to stream or read from your handheld device? Here is why live face-to-face settings such as Pubcon SFIMA, are both useful and “cool.”


  1. Networking: Pubcon SFIMA Summit is two days of constant informal face-to-face meetings with people in your industry, competitors, and clients. Do not shy away from competitors but learn from their mistakes or relish in their accomplishments. Seek out new connections and advice from other areas in the industry. And lastly, put a face to your clients you have only virtually met. Getting to know someone on a personal level can be a huge business game changer!
  2. Education: SFIMA meets monthly and hosts large conferences such as Pubcon SFIMA Summit 2016 where creative juices are replenished and incredible brains are picked. This association provides endless information for all members new and existing with keynotes like Scott Stratten, Brad Geddes, Dennis Yu, and Tandem’s favorite; Joe Laratro.
  3. Tandem.Buzz: Yes, that is right, all members of Tandem.Buzz will be present at Pubcon SFIMA at one point or another. Yours truly will be attending Thursday taking in new information and making new connections as well as keeping up with old ones. If you want to come to hang out with the coolest boutique online marketing agency register for Pubcon SFIMA Summit 2016 today or join SFIMA’s monthly gatherings every second Thursday of the month! From one millennial to another, SFIMA is not something you “can’t even.”
  4. It’s Fun!: Believe it or not, you are in the “coolest” line of business. No one knows how to have a better time than online marketers. Isn’t our motto “work hard, play hard”? If not, it may as well be! Mix in with SFIMA’s social gatherings and see for yourself. Doing business should not be stale and boring. Get off the internet and start living! Accessing industry information via the internet is nothing like live interactions.

There is a huge benefit to connecting with people in similar and vertical industries that have been overlooked by the recent generations. Joining an organization such as South Florida Internet Marketing Association is great to boost your social media profiles and resumes but why not get every penny out of your investment? Engaging and participating with SFIMA members may be just the thing your business or career is lacking. Don’t miss the chance to have live meetings with renowned marketing gurus who make time for you to come to pick their brains!


Still not convinced? Still “can’t even”? Just approach one of Tandem’s fun and friendly members and we will show you otherwise. As long-time members, we will introduce you to the right people and point you to the keynote speakers you should be sitting in on for your personal growth!