Memorial Day Marketing Ideas

Memorial Day is a holiday honoring those who died while serving in the United States military.1 Many businesses are closed on this day in respect of the honorees. Groups such as everyday families and those with a service background commemorate the day in their own ways, where many people choose to enjoy the day off. This can result in a boost to your business, but only if you use tasteful Memorial Day marketing ideas for your company. Our Fort Lauderdale search engine optimization experts share tips on properly marketing your sale, coupons, or business to customers for Memorial Day.

Marketing Ideas for Memorial Day

The last Monday in May can prove beneficial for businesses, especially if they offer a sale, coupons, or other incentives for customers on this day. When developing Memorial Day marketing campaigns, make sure to:

  • Choose tasteful campaigns and ad copy, keeping in mind the holiday’s roots
  • Offering something special just for that day
  • Honoring service members and their families


One of the most effective Memorial Day marketing campaigns is to offer discounts to service members and their families. This can help bring customers to your business while still honoring what Memorial Day is all about – those who have served our country. Many businesses use service-oriented marketing ideas for Memorial Day, offering deals such as:

  • Free meals for service members
  • Discounts for service members
  • Commemorative products for service members/families
  • VIP treatment for those in uniform


These types of Memorial Day marketing ideas help bring in potential new customers while also honoring those who have given so much for our country. When looking for small business marketing ideas for Memorial Day, you should also consider ideas that have a big brand awareness impact. Yes, offering free meals to service members may be a considerable cost, but the long-term gain can be lifelong customers who remembered when you gave them a meal or service for free.

Getting Your Small Business Ready for Memorial Day

If your business will be open for special hours during Memorial Day, make sure that you update your hours for that day on Google My Business. Many customers rely on Google Maps marketing to find businesses to patronize, so keeping your hours up to date on this platform is crucial. For more tips on white hat SEO or marketing ideas for your small business, contact our team at Tandem Interactive today.



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