How to Market to Millennials

As the largest generation in the US labor force (for real, just ask Pew Research Center)1, you can’t escape us. Say what you will about us (entitled, trophy-loving, lazy), you need our dollars if you’re going to keep your business going. I’m looking at you Sears, Payless, Gymboree, RadioShack, and Toys R Us (ok, that last one hurts). 2

Millennials are crucial for keeping most businesses afloat. After all, we’re a big generation that’s ready to hit those major adulting milestones, and these milestones need money to be achieved. So, what’s the secret to marketing to millennials in 2019? As both a millennial (gasp!) and a marketer, I’m sharing a few tips on how to reach millennial consumers.

Insider Tips on Marketing to Millennials

When developing advertising that appeals to millennials, you need to forget everything you think you know. Millennials are consuming the world in a way vastly different than previous generations, so the old tactics just aren’t going to cut it. Here are some tips when marketing to millennials in 2019:

  • Aim for the channels millennials are using, such as social media
  • Go for authenticity above all else
  • Create an experience or community around your brand
  • Provide useful content users will enjoy engaging with

Millennials have different expectations from the brands they interact with and the products they choose. Building a brand is crucial not only for brand reputation management, but also for creating a community of consumers who are ready to align (through loyal dollars) with your brand for the long-term. There are tons of businesses who are using social media marketing to build a consumer community, including Glossier, Nike, and Bumble.

Protip from our Social Media Coordinator: 80% of your social media content should be content that resonates with what your audience likes and wants to see. The other 20% should be your promotional content like sales or products.

Social media isn’t the only name in the game when it comes to marketing to millennials in 2019. You should also look into digital marketing, because we millennials love Googling every question that crosses our minds. SEO and PPC marketing are also effective avenues for reaching millennials with your marketing.

Advertising that Appeals to Millennials

So, now you know where to reach millennials (if you weren’t taking notes, that’s on social media and in search engines), but do you know what kinds of ads they respond to? Millennials are pretty into weird marketing campaigns, along with ads that feel tailored to their specific interests. This can mean getting creative with who your demographic is and what they’re interested in. Using tie-ins with popular shows or events, like these brands did with their Game of Thrones cross-marketing, can help you serve millennials the right ads.

When creating ad copy or designs for ads targeted at millennials, consider these questions:

  • Does my product make a millennial’s life easier?
  • Am I offering something unique?
  • Does this strengthen the community surrounding my brand?

Our generation is a diverse group, which means that one ad might not work for all of us (bummer). As with all advertising, the key is understanding your customer and what their needs, wants, pain points, and desires are. Develop campaigns that answer these issues and you’ll have a whole bunch of millennials ready to support you.

Extra Credit: Influencer Marketing for Millennials

Influencers are living the dream: sponsored posts, dreamy locations, and #OfficeViews that are downright offensive in their beauty. There’s a growing number of influencers (and microinfluencers) who pull big price tags for their #sponsored posts on Instagram. When considering influencer marketing ideas, make sure you’re partnering with the right influencers for your brand and audience.

These influencers can be a huge benefit for your brand, bringing incredible ROI with their social media pull. As millennials and those youthful Gen Z-ers bury their faces in their phones (pick up a book!), influencers will likely become big business in the world of effective marketing ideas.

Looking for more tips on marketing to millennials? Contact our team at Tandem Interactive. After all, our office is packed with tons of avocado toast-loving millennials who are ready to help your business dominate the world of digital marketing.


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