Overcoming SEO Challenges: Bring on the Web Developers

Understanding SEO and Coding a CMS

Here is how we overcome SEO challenges with web developers at our South Florida digital marketing agency.

There are a number of different segments and areas of focus when it comes to understanding search engine optimization (SEO) and how to optimize a website for search engines. Most digital marketers are aware that there is no way of getting around SEO in web development because they work hand in hand. 

If you plan on optimizing a website for user experience (UX), taxonomy, or a template for a webpage, you will need the help of a web developer, which can bring on its own bumps in the road. As with any job, there are some unspoken SEO challenges that haunt most SEO professionals when it comes to CMS-related changes and improvements. 


Here are some SEO challenges that our South Florida digital marketing experts face when it comes to understanding the SEO frontlines and when they need to bring on the web developers for some extra help!

Unspoken SEO Challenges

Our search engine optimization specialists in Fort Lauderdale are no stranger to the average hiccups when trying to complete our optimizations, especially when it comes to changing the backend of a website. Our Tandem marketing specialists have learned to adapt to different SEO challenges and manipulate content management systems with the help of our web developers! 

Here are some of the most unspoken SEO challenges marketers face in their line of work: 

  • 95% of Technical SEO checklists relate to a CMS and/or web development issues based on helping crawlers or user experience. In most instances, changes need to be implemented or eliminated for CMS improvements and to better the web requirements. 
  • Nearly all websites are CMS/Template-driven requiring a focus on templates instead of web pages and effectively wrapping content assets for bot and human comprehension. 
  • Search engine optimization specialists are required and expected to identify and resolve these content management issues with no web developer. 


SEO can become quite a challenging task without the guidance or help of a web developer. Our best advice for dealing with these unspoken SEO challenges is to focus your efforts and SEO strategy on cleaning up the crawl mess rather than attempting to focus on a shiny object. What drives revenue? What is your searcher’s intent? 

Overcoming SEO Challenges

It is vital to any SEO strategy to focus on things that move the needle and drive revenue. At Tandem Buzz, a South Florida digital marketing agency, we have our specialists download reports, and anything that has less than 5% clicks, we check the snippet for any changes. 

It is important to review the search engine response pages (SERPs) for changes in the top phases. Check the SERPs often to spy on your users and the competition. Ask yourself these questions when search intent targeting: 


  • Did the types of listings on the SERPs change for that query?
  • Does it match the searcher’s interests? 
  • Is it different from the results if the user searches on mobile?  
  • What are the snippets shown in ‘People Also Ask’ (PAA)? 
  • What does the back click to SERPs show? 


Be sure to understand the users’ queries and anticipate what the next step in their journey is! Understanding SEO is about recognizing the searchers’ interest/intent and taking that first step to becoming a guide for the user, which in turn will lead to a conversion. 

Also, be mindful when it comes to collaborating with web developers. Take the time to educate them on the importance of SEO changes to a website for an easier transition into a search engine-friendly website. 

SEO Marketing Experts in Fort Lauderdale

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