Pay Attention to Landing Pages

The 411 on Landing Pages

What are landing pages? Why should I use them? How do I test them? The answer to these questions are answered by one of our PPC Specialists, below.

What Are Landing Pages?

Where you’re sending a user is very important for accomplishing your marketing goals. If you’re using paid ads, you have to pay special attention to what the user is seeing. The page they see might inadvertently lead them away from completing your desired action. That’s why it is common practice for paid advertisers to use landing pages. A landing page is a page that a consumer lands on after clicking on an ad and where you can collect information from them.

Why Use a Landing Page?

Sending users to a landing page instead of your website allows you to control more of what that user can do and focus on. The main reason advertisers use landing pages is usually to push a call to action (CTA). A CTA is a design that prompts a specific action you want the user to complete, such as making a phone call or completing a form.

Remember Why They’re There!

Due to landing pages being very customizable and easy to alter, as advertisers, we are able to customize these pages to empathize with specific users and where they are in our funnel. That is key when you are making a landing page, and it is one that other marketers may not be doing. You want to make sure the user clicks on your ad and that the CTA is addressed on the landing page.

Test Your Call To Actions

Test, test, test. If you are paying for a marketing effort, you want to constantly be testing to find the best way to get a user to complete your desired action or actions. Landing pages are a key part of a funnel that should be tested frequently. Specifically, test your calls to action and where they are placed. You can put the CTA at the top, off to the side, or at the bottom of your content. You could even make your CTA a pop-up. Some of these options are too overbearing, some get lost, and some just may not work. It all depends on your content, the type of user you’re trying to speak to, and what kind of action you are trying to drive them to do. That’s why it’s important to test placements, among other things, on a landing page to find what works best for your business specifically. 

Pay attention to your landing pages. It is extremely important and can set you apart from the competition. For more information on how PPC can work for you, contact the digital marketing experts at Tandem.Buzz. Our busy bees are specialists in pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, and more!