New Google Waterfall Beta

New Waterfall Beta

Google's new waterfall beta is sure to provide plenty of exciting changes to businesses. Continue reading below to learn more.

Understand the Google Waterfall Beta

Businesses that are advertising online and those that handle digital marketing should be keen to understand everything new that the most popular search engine on the internet is rolling out. One of the most important aspects of Google’s search engine is the waterfall feature. Since Google is continuously looking to improve its user experience and effectiveness, they are consistently rolling out new features that improve these things. Below, our Fort Lauderdale digital marketing experts detail the most recent update and how it could benefit your business. 

What Is the Google Waterfall? 

The Google waterfall is what appears when someone begins to input a search query into the search bar. These give personalized suggestions to searchers and increase the chances that they find what they want or if there are any questions that are related to their query. For example, if someone were to begin searching for “the best fishing gear for…” they would be met with suggestions for different kinds of fish. Aside from giving users suggestions with their specific questions, waterfalls also give suggestions for things that the searcher would also be interested in that they do not even think about yet.

What Is the New Google Waterfall Beta? 

While the Google waterfall has been around for years, the new beta version has much more features that make it more intuitive. The new waterfall will include much more features like images and FAQs. Our Fort Lauderdale SEO professionals would like to point out that this could result in much higher importance placed on answer boxes and optimized images. One of the principal ways that images could be optimized is by including an alt-text in the images that are also optimized with keywords that target customers are using to find the products and services that you sell.

This new Google images waterfall could also increase the importance of optimized images on a website’s content. Also, this new waterfall would include a “people ask” section where users are suggested any related questions. What this means for SEO campaigns is optimizing content with questions that are highly searched. These are also more conducive to gaining exposure through answer boxes. 

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