Dos and Don’ts of Google My Business

SEO Do’s and Dont’s Of Google My Business

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Google my Business is one of the best free resources we can use in Local SEO. It is a great way for a company to directly communicate with its customers in the area, improve their experience, promote sales, special events, or news, and post photos and videos of your business. A Google listing that is properly managed can improve a business’s local traffic and help that business stand out from other similar businesses. 


The main goal of Google My Business is to connect a business with its customers even more. Tandem Buzz has a few SEO do’s and don’ts of Google My Business to share.  


The Do’s 

There are a few things you will want to do to ensure the success of your Google My Business profile:


  • Do make sure your listing is verified: For this to happen, your profile needs to have the correct phone number and address, a working URL, and accurate operating hours before following through with the process to verify ownership. You will also want to make sure your business is categorized correctly too. 
  • Do update the Q&A Section: This is one of the best ways to interact with your customers outside of your website. It takes 2 steps to create an excellent Q&A section. 1) Seed it with common questions and answers about your business. 2) Check it frequently for new questions, and answer them quickly in a professional manner. Doing this can turn that Q&A section into another free marketing source! 
  • Do add images: When adding images, you’ll want to use high-quality images. That will show off the best parts of your business and team. Pictures can be of the menu and food, the products, the team, what the building looks like (inside and out), and even what the customer services reps look like so that your customers can put a face to the name that may be helping them, if not in person. 
  • Do encourage people to leave reviews: the GMB review system is where customers can easily leave reviews and star ratings for your business. Encouraging customers to leave reviews can help in showcasing what new customers can expect when working with you. Responding to reviews, positive or negative, can also show that you care about what your customers have to say and want to capitalize on the positive and work on/fix the negative. 


By going along with these few steps, you can significantly improve your Local SEO results. A GMB page is more important than most people think, let’s review what not to do so you can be successful. 

The Don’ts

As important as it is to follow the “Do’s” part of SEO do’s and don’ts of Google My Business, it is equally important to pay attention to the “Don’ts”:


  • Don’t add fake listings for multiple locations: Having more than one listing per location goes against Google’s terms of service and could lead to your listing getting suspended. A way to avoid this is to add to the “Service Areas” section of the listing to show the different areas your business reaches. 
  • Don’t do the minimum: There are many small mistakes that can happen if you aren’t giving your Google listing enough attention. Make sure you follow through with the verification process, don’t forget about the listing once you claim it, keep your listing up to date with hours, and the Q&A section. 
  • Don’t use the wrong images: You’ll want to make sure all your images are of your business and products, using the wrong images can give people a false impression> You will also want to get permission before posting any pictures of customers.
  • Don’t create false reviews: The review section is meant to show off a company’s trustworthiness. If you are adding false reviews under a pseudonym it can hinder that and cause your customers to not trust you. 

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