COVID-19 Business Resource Series: Impact on the Education Industry

This blog is part of Tandem’s COVID-19 Business Resource Series, where we will update the community regularly and offer industry-specific tips as well as our best solutions in minimizing the economic risk many businesses may endure during this critical time. Tandem appreciates your trust in us and will continue to be your valued digital marketing partner during this pandemic.

We are currently experiencing a massive shift in the education industry due to COVID-19. As part of the premier digital marketing agency in South Florida, Tandem Interactive’s experts in the educational field have developed this business resource page to discuss the COVID-19 impact on education and marketing campaign practices that can lead to success during the time of this global pandemic.

COVID-19 Impact on the Education Industry

The COVID-19 impact on the education industry is already huge. There are over 100 countries that have implemented nationwide educational institution closures, impacting over half of the world’s student population.1 Shutting down physical school locations is necessary to flatten the growth rate of the 2019 coronavirus disease and lessen the risk posed to students of all ages. Though inconvenient for many, especially caretakers who need to provide proper at-home supervision, this will alleviate the threat of COVID-19 in the long run.

Strategies for Educational Businesses to Mitigate the Effects of COVID-19

Online Schooling Resources

It is imperative to get online educational resources to those students who are not able to attend their courses in person. Mobilizing efforts towards affordable, short-term programs will help boost sales and introduce new clients to your online education resources. Adobe, for instance, is providing free access to Creative Cloud software for home use through May to students who usually only have lab access at their institution.2 If students and other creatives are happy with the services, expect to see many clients expand their investment, especially if they have been previously daunted from using them due to sticker shock.

“Thankfully, a lot of really amazing online tools are offering free access during these school closures,” one Broward county third-grade teacher says. “In a matter of days, I’ve seen the education community step up and come together in a beautiful way.”

Digital Tutoring

If you have a skill, use it. Now more than ever, there is a need for digital tutoring. Many parents will be wondering where they can find additional, affordable resources for their children to succeed amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The demand for digital tutoring is going to skyrocket, so platforms that provide those tutors directly to consumers (such as Skooli3) will be of high value. Consider introducing your services through free sessions, like OneClass.4

To ease the transition into services on educational platforms, make it a point to provide extensive training resources so that teachers, students, and parents know how to utilize your products. “I’d like to see online education resources reaching out more to teachers to do trainings on how to utilize their technology in the class,” another Broward County school teacher commented.

Social Media Strategy Is Key

To connect with both students and the caretakers of students, social media strategy is the way to go. Maintaining a trendy brand image will appeal to students looking for relatable content that allows them to implement their learning into real-life situations that they can connect to. If parents are investing in online learning tools, they want to see a company willing to personally invest in their beloved child. Understand both key audiences to utilize the upheaved market during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you need assistance on how to do so, we recommend contacting our professional social media marketing team.

Related Industries

Increased Need for IT Professionals

The current surge in online learning makes the need for IT professionals prominent. Having a strategic partnership with an IT professional base or a diligent in-house IT department will be necessary in order to thrive during this boom in online education.

Increased Need for Childcare

Though many parents are working remotely at their homes and can supervise the education of their children during the COVID-19 pandemic, plenty of others are required to continue going into their workplaces. This brings an increased need for childcare professionals (not just sassy older siblings).

Increased Need for Internet Infrastructure

One of the biggest issues currently facing the online learning demand is that not all students have home access to the internet. The most recent federal data shows that about 14 percent of households with school-age children do not have internet access.5Even if schools can provide a computer to access, they cannot provide an internet connection. Various internet providers are offering short term programs to improve access, such as Comcast’s Internet Essentials program.6 If your online learning company is able, try partnering with a local internet service provider through coupled discounts and other marketing tactics that will incentivize purchase.

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