Link Acquisition: Things to Avoid

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Even though many digital marketing agencies in Fort Lauderdale may consider link acquisition to be easy and not efficient, it is not an easy art to master. If an SEO agency in South Florida can master the ability to gain high quality links, it will give them an edge over other local SEO companies and put them ahead of the competition. After all, Organic SEO is about so much more than just content, keywords, and onsite.

For those who do not know, link acquisition is important when it comes to building an online presence that is backed by reputable sources. Link building tactics allow you to increase the backlinks to your website by obtaining hyperlinks from other websites to your own and vice versa. By gaining higher quality backlinks (links from sites with a higher domain authority and established presence), search engines will, in turn, see your site as more reputable and reliable, ultimately improving your online presence.

The process of acquiring links for any business or digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale can have a difficult starting line. Whether it possibly be not knowing where to start, what steps to follow, what not to do, or what programs to use, link acquisition is a strategy that is just that – strategic.

Tandem Interactive follows a portfolio-style link acquisition strategy that utilizes the most modern, best practices for acquiring links for websites. Here are a couple of link acquisition practices to avoid and their proper techniques:

  • Don’t neglect to keep quality top of mind. Link acquisition is not about building a vast quantity of links as it is about building quality links. Poor links would need to be disavowed and can hurt your website’s quality. Your goal during link acquisition should be to obtain high quality links by reaching out to high-ranking, reputable sites with a great domain authority and an established online presence.
  • When link building, not only is the website that you are linking to important, but also what you are contributing as well. If you are reaching out to a site or journalist to request a link back through publishing your content or citing it, the material that you supply should be superb. Poor content will most likely result in your request being ignored and the attempt to fail.
  • Do not get lazy. Once you see an increase in reputable backlinks, do not get complacent; it is vital to keep seeking out other opportunities and better domain authority possibilities. Your link acquisition strategy should be ongoing. If you are not seeing results, keep in mind that true link acquisition tactics may take time; however, obtaining one great, high authority link is better than building 50 free links with little to no authority at all. Again, quality over quantity!
  • When reaching out to a publisher or blogger, digital marketing agencies in Fort Lauderdale remind you to keep tabs on your communication with them. Once they respond, develop a relationship with them and build trust. Journalist and niche blogger relationships can create publishing outlets and opportunities, increase your site traffic, and build you quality backlinks.