Better Link Building for Your Business

Tandem's 6 Link Building Tips

Fort Lauderdale SEO firm Tandem Buzz offers 6 tips to beginners that will allow them to develop a successful linking building campaign

Between the Penguin update, selective publishers, and other changes in Local SEO, many businesses are reevaluating their link-building efforts in the New Year, while other companies have abandoned the strategy altogether. The fact of the matter is, link building STILL MATTERS, and our boutique digital marketing agency, Tandem Buzz, wants you to better understand how to optimize your online marketing efforts with these updated tips for link building for your business.


  1. Connect with local bloggers – Build relationships with people in your area that regularly write about local businesses to gain a mention and/or link to your company. For example, if you own a barbeque restaurant, you’ll benefit from building a relationship with a local blogger that is likely to write about the best barbeque joints in the area.


  1. Go after local awards – Almost every city awards local businesses for specific efforts put forth in the community. Find out what awards are up for grabs next year and if your business is eligible for any. Cities and local organizations usually always post-awards results online and link them to recipients.


  1. Build out a local resource page – Put thought into the information you provide on this page to give visitors insight into things they actually want to know. For example, if your local spa is located in Fort Lauderdale, our South Florida digital marketing agency suggests creating a list of the best beaches to visit in South Florida. If it contains useful information, you’re likely to gain a decent amount of links to your site.


  1. Utilize local networking sites – Websites, such as Meetup.com, are the perfect place to head to find groups that have commonalities. Target a specific group you think may be interested in your business and invite them to host a meeting at your location. If they agree, you’ll not only drive traffic to your physical location but also score a link to your site.


  1. Seek links from reputable resources – Gaining links from high-quality publishers increases your authority with search engines, such as Google. Work on earning these inbound links by creating content that is too good to ignore.


  1. Hire a reputable digital marketing firm – Experts will always have the upper hand when it comes to properly marketing your local business. Tandem includes a team of skilled SEO managers that specialize in link building, Local search, pay-per-click advertising, content creation, reputation management, and more. Contact our team to learn more about optimizing your local business’ marketing efforts online today!