Creating a Holiday Gift Guide for Your Website

Are you trying to boost traffic and conversion rates on your site during the holidays? Create a holiday gift guide! Here’s how./i>

The holidays are officially here – let the shopping commence! Unfortunately, a handful of people have no idea what they are looking for while holiday shopping. Everyone can use a little inspiration. Before wandering blindly into the havoc that retail stores have to offer during the month of December, consumers love to turn to gift suggestions and recommendations online. Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agencies suggest using this to your advantage! Creating a holiday gift guide for your blog can boost your site’s traffic exponentially. Tandem Buzz is a top digital marketing agency that shares how you can create a holiday gift guide for your website.

Choose a theme. It is important to have a clear focus on what you are sharing with your readers when initially creating your holiday gift guide. Pick a topic and the audience you wish to appeal to; consider their interests and what or who they are most likely shopping for, then cater the theme towards that demographic.

Make sure your guide is aesthetically pleasing. Use easy-to-read text and eye-catching visuals on top of a clean and simple design and layout. Make sure the categories are obvious and people understand what you are sharing with them. Also, include a call-to-action in your holiday gift guide, such as a bright red reminder that there are only a few days left for consumers to take advantage of the deals you are offering.

Blog and email the guide. Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agencies suggest that you make your holiday gift guide live on your website. It should also be easily accessible through emails, with a link to the page that the guide is on. You can also use that link in social media posts catered towards the holidays in order to have an extra boost and reach when promoting your holiday promotions online.


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