Holiday SEO Tips

That’s A Wrap: Holiday SEO Tips to End Your Year with A Boost

With the holidays around the corner, people have their credit cards ready to buy your product or service and throw a bow on it (literally or metaphorically). How do you make sure they buy from you? At Tandem Interactive, we are a Fort Lauderdale SEO company with some online marketing strategies and holiday SEO tips for your business.

Online Marketing Strategies for the Holidays

The holidays are a time for gift giving, so your digital marketing for Fort Lauderdale should reflect that.

Tone down the technical lingo. Create content tailored to the people gifting your product or service, rather than your typical customers to increase your holiday click-through rate1. A wife buying her husband a toolbox would be more attracted to a page about toolboxes every dad needs versus a detailed description of every tool.

At Tandem Interactive, we recommend paying attention to keywords. Your Fort Lauderdale search engine optimization efforts should include keywords specific to the holiday season. Those gifting your product are searching differently than your usual customers. These key words may include more specific and less competitive search terms. Do your research with Google Trends and use them for your search engine optimization for Fort Lauderdale.

Make sure your Google My Business is accurate and up-to-date. List holiday hours and closures well in advance. Last-minute shoppers will not want to waste their time going to a store that they aren’t sure will be open.

As always, end your guide to buying x, list of the best x, top x, or review of x with a call to action to get that sale.

If you are looking for digital marketing in Fort Lauderdale to boost your sales, contact our team to get started on your online marketing for Fort Lauderdale and beyond.



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