3 Tips to Rank During the Holiday Season!


Make Your Site Rank This Season

Make your site rank this season! Use holiday specific keywords to your advantage. Tandem Buzz can tell you how. Learn more here./i>

Many businesses rack in sales and profit towards the end of the year. Is your business offering something special during the holidays? With Christmas and Hanukkah being in December, you can easily bring in double the amount of traffic to your site and boost conversion rates more than you would on any average day. Tandem Buzz, a premier digital marketing company in Fort Lauderdale, has the top three tips for you to maximize your e-commerce traffic and rank during the holiday season!

  1. Being mobile-friendly is important. iPhone and Android users boost online sales more than you can imagine. It is important to offer consumers an easy experience when navigating your website on a mobile device, since trends are shifting towards the majority of holiday shoppers shopping via mobile device.
  2. Brush up on holiday specific keywords. Take the time to research holiday specific keywords. A great way to do this is with the Google waterfall. When you start your query with words like “gifts for”, the automatic search results will bring up some great queries you may not have thought of before. Consumers are also always searching for the “best” of gifts. When creating content or putting products on your site, include the word “best” before the product. If you were searching for a great Christmas gift for your sibling, what would you type to get the result you are looking for? Here at Tandem Interactive, we suggest that you keep that in mind when creating your holiday specific keywords to use in content, your ads, and your campaigns in order to boost traffic and rank during the holiday season.
  3. Using images is an easy sell. Consumers love pictures. It is very common for shoppers to scroll around a site and exit as soon as they realize there are no images on the page and too much text that they do not have the time or desire to read. Images draw the consumer in and can also help your site rank during the holiday season when people are looking for specific, cool gifts. Digital marketing companies in Fort Lauderdale suggest using holiday specific keywords as your alt tags; a great way to optimize the images on your site and boost engagement.