Building an Effective Website

Business owners in 2016 know that running a company without online exposure is robbing it of its full potential. Furthermore, creating a website is useless if you are unaware of the factors that make it successful.

Over the last four years, Google’s search knowledge has jumped from 30 trillion to 130 trillion pages – yes, a 100 trillion page increase. How will you make sure your website stands out amongst a world full of competing websites? This is where Tandem Interactive, your Fort Lauderdale marketing agency comes in.

Team Tandem shares five things you need to know before building a website for your business.

  1. Target Your Users – The first step is to figure out who your intended audience is. Are there specific demographics in which you are trying to attract? When you learn who your users are, you can then develop a strategy of how to reach them, how to work around how they choose and compare products, and how you can showcase your products to appeal to them most.
  2. Use Social Media – In 2016, your intended clients are most likely using a form of social media. Get active and market your website on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Our digital marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale wants you to take advantage of the fact that social media is a free and effective tool for your website.
  3. Use SEOYour business needs SEO, and without it, your website is incomplete. Google can be your best friend if you use it the right way. Your Fort Lauderdale digital marketing agency’s Search Engine Optimization Team is here to help maximize your web presence with SEO and give your website the competitive edge that it needs.
  4. Website Compatibility –  Studies show the desktop computer is now becoming a secondary source for digital users. More than ever, people are using their cell phones to conduct business and make purchases. Simply stated, if your website is not compatible and user friendly, people will move right along to your competitor.
  5. Web Design – Design your website so it attracts the intended population you wish to appeal to.  With a quick glance, people will make snap decisions on whether or not they trust your website, if they think it will be user-friendly, and if they want to continue browsing and taking further action.