5 Good Things That Can Come From Negative Customer Feedback

Turn the Negative Feedback to Positive

Always look on the bright side of life! Good business means good perspective so here are 5 good things that can come from negative customer feedback

Perfect customer service is what every business strives for, but as we all know, perfection is not realistic. So, how can we take negative customer feedback and turn it into a positive? Here are 5 optimistic ways to interpret negative reviews, and why your business should be proactive when it comes to poor feedback.


  1. Customers Trust Businesses With Varied Feedback – A lot of the time, customers can become suspicious if a company has only 5-star reviews. On the other hand, if a business has more of a variation of reviews, customers are more likely to believe the truth behind all of the feedback.


  1. There’s an Opportunity to Show You Care – You may have lost a customer for one reason or another, but there is an opportunity to gain more when you respond publicly to a negative review. Customers appreciate when a business tackles poor feedback head-on, and attempts to correct a problem with an unhappy consumer.


  1. Try to See the Good in the Bad – When reading reviews, it’s common for potential customers to go straight for the negative to better understand what past customers have been displeased with. If the reasoning behind the negative feedback is something the potential customer feels they can live with, chances are your company is still in the running for their business (especially if they can see you have responded to the negative review and made an effort to correct the problem).


  1. Negative Customer Feedback Can Lure Customers That Are a Better Fit – Just because one customer doesn’t like an aspect of your business, doesn’t mean other customers will dislike it. In fact, a negative review can show a potential customer something they really like about your business.


  1. Audit Your Negative Reviews – If you are seeing a distinct pattern in the negative reviews of your business, think of it as a free auditing tool. Your customers are repetitively telling you they don’t like something – so change it!


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