International Digital Marketing Strategies for Canada

Lets Get Into Canadian Conversions

Canada is a country filled with major opportunities for conversions from U.S.-based companies. So are you missing out on business from them?

It’s Canada Day, so let’s talk about Canadian conversions and your company’s potential for international business. In 2012, The Canadian Internet Use Survey reported that 56% of Canadians used the Internet to make online purchases. Of that 56%, the survey stated that 63% of them ordered from a United States-based company. So, if you think Canadian internet shoppers shouldn’t be a part of your online marketing strategy, you may want to rethink incorporating them as a target so you are not missing out on business.
4 specific industries that benefit from directing online marketing efforts to Canada:
Travel – According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, 23 million Canadians spent a whopping $27.2 billion dollars in 2014, on traveling to and within the United States.
Retail – eMarketer reported that Canadian retail e-commerce sales reached $22.97 billion last year and they are expecting that amount to rise 16.8% this year.
Software and Technology – Much of Canada’s language and culture is parallel with that of the United States. Therefore, U.S.-based software and technology companies that choose to market online to Canada have much to gain from their northern clients.
Machinery – According to U.S. Government statistics, U.S.-based companies exported a combined $124 billion worth of machinery to Canada in 2013. This machinery included automobiles and other vehicles like trackers and heavy machinery.


Before marketing online in Canada, U.S. companies should do their research and pay attention to significant differences in the Canadian dialect of English, and the use of measurements to avoid missing out on business. For example, in the U.S. we use the word “color” while Canadians use the word “color”. We use miles to measure distance and Canadians use kilometers.