PPC Checklist You’ll Want to Keep Handy

Tandem's Secret Weapon!

PPC Checklist created for you to use! Fort Lauderdale-based SEO company Tandem Buzz details all the tips and techniques they use for PPC.

Whether you are a PPC guru or a PPC virgin you will want to keep this awesome PPC checklist handy when duplicating a new campaign by copying and pasting an old one. Within AdWords Editor you can have a copy-and-paste frenzy. Copy and paste entire campaigns, keywords, negative keywords, locations, and site links…copy and paste all the things! However, copying and pasting leave room for several errors. If you are not OCD or you are pressed for time, you may miss a crucial detail that can cost you (or worse your client) money.


Fortunately, Tandem’s very own PPC Ninja has laid out a checklist of criteria that must be changed when copy and pasting ad campaigns.


AdWords Editor PPC Checklist:

Campaigns & AdGroups

  • Rename the Campaign & Necessary AdGroups
  • If location-specific, assess the keywords (CRTL + H to find and replace text)

Keywords and Targeting:

  • Evaluate which negative keywords are not inhibiting the new keywords
  • LOCATION! If your campaigns are location-specific, then make sure that you are targeting the correct area.

Ads and Extensions:

  • Change “Final URLs” – formerly known as “Dest. URLs”
  • If necessary, change the Display URL. Making the Display URL specific to your campaign and AdGroup will allow your quality score to increase even further!
  • Sitelinks will also paste across campaigns in Editor; however, if you directly edit the copied site link it will affect the original campaign’s site links as well. If the site links need rewording or a different Final URL, then be sure to delete the pasted ones and create brand new ones that are specific to your new campaign.

AdWords PPC Checklist:

Once the new campaign is posted, there are a few more areas to double-check:

  • Callout Extensions: These will not paste over. You need to manually add callouts to your new campaign.
  • Call Extensions: Don’t forget to manually add the phone number to your ad.

Other miscellaneous options are as follows:

  • Add the new “Structured Snippet Extensions”
  • If you had Day Parting on your previous campaign, double-check whether it suits the new campaign.
  • Double-check that the campaign is optimized for mobile devices.

Lastly, set a reminder to double-check your new campaign 24 hours after going live to ensure that everything is tracking and performing accordingly!