The 3 Key Roles of a PPC Marketer

The 3 Key Roles of a PPC Marketer

Being a successful pay-per-click marketer requires playing 3 key roles. Team up with the digital marketing specialists at Tandem.Buzz to hit your marketing goals!

Being successful in the world of digital and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing requires having a cornucopia of skills and traits. While the job is always evolving, three key roles will always be the foundation. The digital marketing experts at Tandem Buzz are constantly adapting their skills and expertise around each of them.  


Tandem President Joe Laratro, and Marketing Specialist Ryan Fisher, recently attended the 2022 Hero Conf Austin inTexasand attended a keynote address by Frederick Vallaeys, the co-founder and CEO of Optmyzr, one of the best PPC marketing tools in the business. Frederick highlighted these three key roles in his address, so let’s dive into what each one means for building and maintaining a powerhouse marketing and pay-per-click advertising strategy.


Key PPC Marketing Role #1: The Pilot


Truth be told, more and more responsibilities to keep a digital marketing account humming are being put in the hands of automation. While automation can be a good thing, it’s definitely not a great one. That’s why being a “pilot” is the first key role in PPC marketing.


A human pilot needs to constantly optimize the periphery and see things a computer can not. A human PPC pilot works with their eyes and is continuously monitoring the big picture items. In aviation, if there’s an object on the runway, a crack in the windshield, or the co-pilot isn’t feeling great, the pilot can only spot that with his or her eyes. Pay-per-click advertising acts similarly because if the budget is quickly evaporating, if there’s an external event that’s affecting sales, or if there’s a certain piece of ad copy that needs to be revised immediately, only a human PPC pilot can see that and react.


Like pilots on a plane, PPC pilots need to study the route ahead, plan and understand the best course, and navigate that route while making important decisions when conditions change. Doing those things will lead to great campaigns, maximum conversions, and a spectacular return on investment!

Key PPC Marketing Role #2: The Doctor


Being a “doctor” is the second key role in PPC marketing. Medical doctors diagnose conditions and implement the best treatment plans. Digital marketers need to act in a similar fashion and can use automated diagnostics to help when needed. 


Medical doctors work with their hands, and so do digital marketers. Account management does not happen on its own. The best PPC specialists are constantly auditing for overspending, bad keywords, new audience opportunities, and much more. Each of these tasks involves a hands-on approach. Automated tools like Optmyzr can offer great suggestions, but it takes a human marketer to decide whether those recommendations are truly relevant.

Key PPC Marketing Role #3: The Teacher


The third key role of PPC marketing is that of a “teacher,” as marketers need to constantly teach both their colleagues and their computers. Great teachers share their knowledge with as many people as possible and help steer others to make the best decisions. 


Besides PPC marketers needing to teach other marketers about best practices, digital marketers also need to constantly teach search engines like Google. Perhaps a new search campaign is driving thousands of people to visit an online store to purchase a specific item, but if conversions are not being tracked properly, Google won’t know how successful the campaign truly is. If a PPC marketer does not teach Google properly, it will not be able to optimize the data to deliver the absolute best return on investment.


Bottom line: digital marketing is always changing! Last year, what was a “best practice” may be obsolete this year. It takes a great team of PPC marketers who are constantly learning from others, sharing with others, and teaching others to stay on top of the ultimate strategies and deliver optimal success to clients!

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