3 Common PPC Myths

Debunking the Common PPC Myths

Are these common PPC myths stopping your campaigns from performing the way they should be?

In pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, many myths out there have clouded the true best practices. These myths may be stopping you from running the most successful accounts possible. It is important to ensure that you are following legitimately tested suggestions and not the falsely told PPC myths surrounding the internet.

Myth 1: The More Keywords, the Better

While traffic is usually a good thing, it can be the opposite when the traffic that you are getting is not your target audience. If you add as many keywords as possible, you may get a ton of traffic, but it will most likely ruin your campaigns by generating large amounts of wasteful spending. Using many keywords in your campaigns will trigger irrelevant search queries and unwanted clicks, leading to a quickly spent budget and very little return.

Myth 2: Single Keyword Ad Groups Work Better

Every PPC advertiser has heard about single keyword ad groups (SKAGs), and there are some marketers that swear by them. In theory, having one keyword per ad group sounds like it could benefit your campaigns by allowing you to be extremely granular and targeting very specific search terms. In reality, utilizing this practice is not only time-consuming, but it is also messy, poor use of budget, it increases the probability of creating duplicate keywords, and it often creates multiple ad groups that are focusing on the same keyword. Using single-themed ad groups is a better practice that is more efficient and reliable.

Myth 3: You Always Want to Be in the Absolute Top Position

A very common assumption among advertisers is that it is always best to have your ads in the number one position. While this often gives you the most visibility, it may not be the best strategy for you. You may be spending too much for the position, eliminating any profit. It’s essential to test different ad positions and determine which works best for your ads and your pockets.

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